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September 4, 2009


Here a Chicken, There a Chicken…When Does Chicken Come Home?

It’s been a rough week. No, I don’t really want to complain because I’m lucky–I’m pregnant, I’m healthy and my life is very blessed.

Nevertheless, it’s been kind of a sucky week.

For those of you who asked–Chicken travels every week. It is not seasonal and it is not regional. It’s pretty normal these days I don’t know where she’s going to be from week to week.
She usually leaves Monday mornings so early I barely even notice she’s gone. I like that. It’s much easier to say goodbye when you are sleeping. Most of the time she’s home by Thursday night. It could be 2am, but at least when I stir in my sleep in the light of the dawn I feel her next to me.
This week sucked.

She had to fly out on Sunday night to Sao Paolo, Brazil. This means all day Sunday we are basically just passing time waiting for the car service. It is excruciating and I think now that I’m pregnant this travel is bothering me even more.
But that’s nothing compared to the stress Chicken is experiencing. Her company authorizes business class air for international travel–BUT the client only authorizes coach!

So, she had to fly a red-eye, leaving 9pm on COACH arriving in Sao Paolo 10 hours later and then is expected to hit the ground running and conduct meetings at 110% capacity.
She got no sleep, the meetings didn’t go so well and 48 hours after that she had to get up at 4am to fly to Lima, Peru.
After one night in Lima, she caught ANOTHER red-eye flight back to the USA on COACH again, only this time: no direct flight! She had to connect in Houston at 6am to NYC.

To top it all off, her phone didn’t work in Peru and she couldn’t call to let me know she’d gotten on the plane back home which in my mind immediately translated into her being mugged, kidnapped or killed. Or you know–it’s Latin America, maybe all three.
There’s a reason you don’t wear your diamond earrings on business trips to these countries.

To break it down– 4 flights, 2 overnight flights, all in coach and all in 4 days.

This job is really stressing her out and yet she feels trapped. I was laid off my job, got pregnant with twins and now she has to support all four of us. I feel responsible and yet completely helpless. I do all that I can around the house and make sure I’m a good housewife, but sometimes, like 2 days this week where I was plagued by headaches from morning to night, I can’t do anything.
There was an entire day I stayed in the house, in the dark and spoke to no one. There are far, far, too many days I spend alone talking to no one but the cats. There’s a reason I like swimming with the old ladies–it also provides me a much-needed social hour.
I don’t feel too depressed, most of the time, but I feel alone and lonely.

And then….like magic the weekend appears. My wife is back, my friends are free to do something, we have so many plans for the weekend and the M-TH that I live through seems too hazy to be real.
Until Monday strikes again.

Next week: Chicken goes to Mexico City and I have made as many lunch plans as possible. Even if I really can’t afford to be eating out, I can’t afford being by myself day after day after day. It’s all going to be OK. It was just a really rough week. Next week will be better. It has to be.