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September 8, 2009


16 Week Belly Shot

16 weeks pregnant with twins, 119

The other twins have gained weight as well

15 weeks, 3 days–Still in regular clothes (but Chicken’s pants)

15 weeks, 5 days pregnant–Busted out the stretchy waisted pants for the first time and a form fitting top that shows the bump.

Thanks for all of your comments on my post the other day. I was truly having a down and out day (week) and I resisted blogging about it, but I’m really glad I did and I truly appreciate all of you out there with sympathetic words. It means a lot.

True to form, Chicken came home, we had a fantastic weekend and I’m feeling much, much better! We went to a family BBQ, a Bris, a Labor Day BBQ and had dinner with Chicken’s little brother who is in town from Paris.
There wasn’t much relaxing for either of us as we were super busy. We also must’ve walked a couple of miles each day and I felt so good, though tired.
Overall, it was a perfect 3-day weekend and my week has started off much better than last week.

I met an old friend work friend today for lunch and got to tell her the big news. She said she couldn’t ‘quite tell’ by looking at me, but she was suspicious because of my clothing choice. She knew we’d been trying for a long time and was so happy for us.

Afterwards I stopped by Buh Bye Baby where a spent an hour getting totally overwhelmed with all of the baby crap we have to buy!
I was asking one of the clerks about their cloth diapers and she said “how much does the baby weigh?” “the babies aren’t born yet” “oh, well, the mother will probably want to start off with these” “I’m the mother” “oh!”
So, um, yeah, as I suspected, people can’t really tell for sure that I’m pregnant yet.

I gained three pounds this past week, so 14 lbs total. There was, I admit, a bit of a sweet tooth that got out of control. It included: donuts, banana-blueberry muffins, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and too many kinds of “I’m at a BBQ and there are 10 different kinds of chips I must eat”.
I can’t do that every week or else I’ll end up at +65 lbs. I’m aiming for +40/+45. I might not freak at +50, but even my doctor does not really want me to go over +45lbs.
Is it true that that with a twin pregnancy you gain most of your weight during the 2nd trimester and in the 3rd you are so big you simply can’t eat as much so you don’t have the same kind of weight gain?
Yes, I know. I said last week I wasn’t freaking out about the weight gain. Well, I’m still not freaking out, but I am getting nervous.
Off to eat steak!