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November 7, 2009


Are They Hippie-Like Types?

I was explaining to my mom how Chicken’s parents came to live in the most drive-through, blink you’ll miss it, upstate village (you could be excluded from the Vietnam draft if you got married and agreed to be a teacher upstate) and that’s how a lot of these ‘cool’ upstate towns got populated.

She looked at me, narrowed her eyes and said, “So….are they…hippie-like types?”
I burst out laughing because really, in 2009 what do you say about this type of question?
“Mom, I don’t even know what you mean by that. Can you define what that means to you?”
“Well, you know….did they practice free love?” (So, that’s what I am, I’m a hippie-like type!)
“Mom, I’ve never asked Chicken’s parents if they practiced free love, if you’d like to ask them go ahead. I know everyone smoked a lot of pot, but people are still smoking a lot of pot.”

So, we’re off to see the hippies!!