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November 11, 2009


44 Days

That’s how many days until Christmas (if I just counted correctly) and that is the deadline we have given ourselves to be ‘ready’ for these babies. I sure as hell hope that they don’t come early (that would be almost 32 weeks) but I know all too well that the great unexpected can happen and we want to be ready and prepared.

My mom helped me a lot towards making this goal. We may have our differences, but this trip went much better than I ever expected. Monday was rough basically because I was so exhausted and I just didn’t want to be around anyone or do anything. My mom and I were both so tired from the long weekend we never left the house on Monday and I don’t think that was a good combination. Yesterday, things were much better as we got so many things done and went on a long walk and ran errands. It’s good to get out of the house!

She totally surprised me and bought me a pair of Ug.gs boots. Now, I have never given in to the trend of these boots and quite frankly, I’m surprised that a pair of glorified Australian house shoes have lasted this long in the fashion world. BUT, they are really comfortable and warm and besides any of that…they are pretty darn easy for a heavily pregnant woman to get on and off.
I am still able to wear all of my regular shoes/boots and tie them…but I feel like I am favoring the ones that are really easy to get in and out of. And there are not many.
So I was talking about how Ug.gs would be perfect for a pregnant lady and then we were walking by a shoe store and my mom asked me if I’d like to go try on a pair. This is totally not like her at all, but I took her up on it and am now the proud owner of a very comfortable pair of boots! Thanks mom!
They aren’t as cool or as cute as Olive’s, but I don’t think I could get those on right now!

Now it’s all about getting the organizing and purging done of every shelf, cabinet and closet in this apartment. I am overwhelmed by everything that has to be done, but I know I can do it, one day at a time. I guess this is nesting, huh? It feels much better than packing and waiting to move, I can tell you that! What a relief.

PS–My mom even hailed her own cab to the airport today! I didn’t have to leave the house! We’re making progress….