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November 16, 2009


25 Week Recap

How Far Along? 25 weeks

Total Weight Gained/Loss? +26 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Yes, on the bottoms, no on the tops. I think I will need some bigger sweaters before the babies come as I can tell I’m going to run out of room with mine and Chicken’s soon.
My shoes are starting to fit tighter, so I got a pair of Ug.gs this week which are great!

Sleep? Had too many early mornings this week where no amount of tossing and turning could get me back to sleep. Good thing for naps.

Aches and Pains? Massive fatigue this week after my mom left. I packed too much in with traveling upstate, 2 baby showers, a family dinner, my mom’s visit and re-organizing the house. It took me 5 days until I recovered from all of that and felt like myself again.

Best Moments of the Week? Getting a lot of repair work done in our apartment, putting the cribs together, washing all of the baby clothing, etc, moving all of the furniture in our apt so that there is room for baby gear, ordering the dresser/changing table.
Putting on a skirt and tall boots (which made me feel so pretty after living in sweats for the week ) and getting out one night to go to my friend’s art gallery opening.

Movement: We’ve got a whole lot of thumping going on. It’s fun to watch my stomach rock and roll.

Food Craving: I haven’t really had any food cravings the entire pregnancy. What I have enjoyed is eating more of the food that I would normally limit myself on. For instance, I love the cereal Quake.r O.ak Squares. But I rarely buy them, b/c I I find the cost of +$5 for a box of cereal completely ridiculous. However, for the last couple of months, I’ve wanted them and I’ve bought them!

Food Aversions: None.

Morning sickness? None.

Gender: It’s either a boy or a girl. Or two of each.

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button: Top half out, bottom half in.

What I miss: My cat snuggling up with me. He has no lap to sleep on anymore as my belly is always in the way. Poor thing.

What I’m looking forward to: My 26 week appt and finding out what the thumpers are weighing, dinner with good friends, Chicken coming home for almost two whole weeks, getting a lot of things done in the apartment, our maternity photo shoot next weekend.

Weekly Wisdom: Neti pots are great for congestion and relief of nosebleeds.

Milestones: Still able to walk just about everywhere I need to go, I can still tie my shoes, shave my legs, go grocery shopping, climb stairs and carry a load of laundry! So far, so good!


Got Iron?

I think I might have found out what’s going on with me and I believe the culprit is iron deficiency.

When I had my 24 week checkup, I asked them if they would check my iron levels, but they said they did this at 26 weeks. In retrospect, maybe I should have pushed and had them do it that week. But, I figured, I was at a high risk specialist, they are the experts and know what they are doing, right?
Over a month ago, I had bought some liquid, organic iron supplement from Whole Paycheck because I wanted to make sure I was getting enough. But, even though it said it was a non-constipating formula, that same week, for the first time in my pregnancy I started suffering the effects of “what happens when you can’t poo”.
Puffer no like that effect.

I thought well hell–I don’t even know if I’m lacking in iron. Why am I putting myself through hard-to-poo hell if maybe everything is OK??
So, I haven’t really taken much of it in weeks. Plus, it tastes like complete pukey-gag.

However, I seem to be exhibiting ALL of the classic signs of pregnancy anemia: fatigue, dizziness, lack of energy, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. And it’s been a little scary.

So, it’s back to the pukey-gag supplement and we had steak fajitas for dinner last night and….I have my 26 week check this Wednesday, so the iron will be checked (as well as the GD test–YIKES!) and then we’ll know.
Until then, hopefully the extra boost of iron will help me to feel better. I hope!