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November 20, 2009


Bat Babies, GD and Iron (again)

I had my 26 week, 4 day checkup and u/s on Wednesday and am pleased as punch to report that everything is going textbook perfectly!

Chicklet is still vertex (head down) which has been the preferred position from the very beginning.
Shadow Boxer has been in just about every position but vertex, but for now has decided to try it out!
Thus, the thumpers are now being called “Bat Babies”.

The Dr. told me not to get tooooo excited because they have plenty of time and space to try out new sleeping arrangements. But since SB has never been vertex, I can’t help but get excited that they are both head down.
Granted, of the three options that are available to me:
  • Squeeze two watermelons out of my vagina
  • Squeeze one watermelon out only to have an emergency C-section for the 2nd baby OR
  • Have someone cut my stomach open, reach in and haul out my babies
None of these sound very appealing. But, if I have to choose one, I’ll take all vaginal please.
We won’t be able to tell which way it’s going to go until much, much later. Possibly up to 34 weeks, so for now, I just encourage them to keep up the upside down business.

We were able to get great measurements this time:
Chicklet, in the right corner, HB is 144, weighing in at 2 lbs, 3 oz
Shadow Boxer, in the left, HB is 154, weighing in at 2 lbs, 4 oz

Chicken and I are thrilled with these numbers b/c these kids are keeping up with the singletons in their class! I’d just like to say it again, my old OB who gave me a hard time about early weight gain can BITE ME. I know what I’m doing, thank you very much.

In other testing news, my blood pressure was 110/60 and no protein in the urine, so no risk of preeclampsia.
My cervix is tight and closed at 4.08, so no risk of babies coming out!
I passed my gestational diabetes test with 87 and believe it or not, I’m not anemic as my iron levels were 35.6.
I guess I’m just entering a new phase of the twin pregnancy (almost 3rd trimester) where I can expect to really slow down and be more tired. I’m learning to pace myself and rest up, but it’s not easy as dialing it down doesn’t come naturally to me!

Oh and by the way–I’m measuring at 35 weeks!!! I’m fucking HUGE, people.

Only Seven?

You know you’re very pregnant and probably deficient in iron when you open your menu at the Vietnamese lunch place and the first thing you see is, “Seven Courses of Beef, $32” and you think, “YES. Yes, this is the answer to everything I’ve always wanted in life.”

And then you remember you used to be a vegetarian and it all seems so bizarre and distant and why would anyone not want Seven Courses of BEEF?? Who was that Veggie Puff?

I got to have lunch with this lovely blogger today, who laughed at my giddy delight over the beef extravaganza. I did not order it. But I did have BBQ beef vermicelli with pork spring rolls. Oh heavenly YUM.

In other news, another nose bleed. I came this close to taking a photo for y’all. Maybe next time.