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November 24, 2009


Pregnant with Twins Belly Shot (weeks 25, 26, 27)

It’s time for belly shots!

25 weeks pregnant with twins, 133 lbs

26 weeks pregnant with twins, 134 lbs
Measuring at 35 weeks with a singleton

27 weeks pregnant with twins, 137 lbs.

I am a little in disbelief that I’m this big and I have at least TEN more weeks to go (that would be a 37 week due date). I’ve gained 30 lbs now, so if I gain a pound a week for the next 10 weeks, I’ll be right on target for the 40 lb weight gain. And if I gain a little bit more…I’m OK with that, too. As long as the twins are big, healthy and ready to thrive in this world, I’ll do whatever I have to do!

I See You Baby

Shakin’ that Ass…

Shakin’ that Ass…

Both of the bat babies have decided that it’s really comfortable to curl up with their butts poking as far out as possible on either side of my belly button. They move around a bit, but mostly it’s just these huge ball of pressure. Sometimes when they get like this (not always at the same time), I gently put my hand on their little butt and give them a push telling them very nicely that Mommy does not enjoy this little ass display thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I am really enjoying being pregnant. No matter what I might complain about or the bloody noses, the aches and pains, I really am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to breathe life into these two human beings. I can’t wait to meet them. But not just yet!