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December 2, 2009


How Could You Forget or Not Know What Week?

Here’s a question for those of you either currently pregnant or have been pregnant:

Did you remember what week you were in every week? Did you count in weeks? Was there ever a time you had no idea what week you were in?

Because I find this behavior baffling. Maybe it’s because I’m a vet of IF or maybe it’s because I’m a little obsessed or maybe it’s because I have OB appointments every 2 weeks or maybe it’s because I’m subscribed to like 5 different “here’s what’s going on this week in your pregnancy” sites or maybe it’s because I’m a blogger.

BUT–seriously? You are pregnant and you don’t know where in the pregnancy you are??

The SIL and cousin both had no clue what week they were in when I asked them at Thanksgiving. Is it because they had free sex and got pregnant and they just take it for granted that eventually the baby will pop out and everything’s gonna be just hunky dory? Urgh.

It made me want to slap them. Just a little slap. But a slap all the same. Urgh. The bitterness. I hate it, but it just doesn’t go away overnight.