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January 2, 2010


Happy New Year–Indeed!


Yes, it was another shocker, but after 5 days and 12 doctors reviewing my case it was decided that I could go home today!
We never expected this at all since everyone seemed so adamant I would stay until my 37 week due date.
My symptoms just were not manifesting as true preeclampsia.
I am now to take my blood pressure 3x day at home and take it ‘easy’ but I’m not on bed rest. I will continue weekly doctors visits with the sonograms and bloodwork test for HELLP, etc. but they will probably be bumped up to 2x week visits quite soon.
The blurry vision is only with my contacts and not really with my glasses, so I’m just wearing them all the time now. There’s a huge possibility my eyes have some fluid retention behind the retinas which have changed shape and thus my contacts aren’t fitting correctly.

Chicken spent New Year’s Eve at the hospital last night—both of us curled up on the hospital bed, I’m sure they don’t see a lot of that! I got the best care and we are both so impressed with the hospital and high risk practice we chose. The nurses were kind, gentle and caring and the team of doctors were incredible.
Overall, it was a great experience and a nice ‘test’ run for when we go deliver, but wow am I glad to be home!

Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. The universe heard them and acted accordingly!