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January 4, 2010


Do You Like Roller Coasters?

If so, keep reading my blog! Because while I just LOVE a good roller coaster, I did not expect my last month of so of pregnancy to be quite this exciting of a ride.

It just goes to show you that nothing is predictable and everything is completely beyond your control.

At the doctor, my blood pressure was completely normal. No where near the reading I had at home. Bizarre.
I gave a urine sample which they dipped and it came back negative for protein.
I have no swelling. I am well hydrated. The babies heartbeats are great and the twins move around like 2 kittens caught in a paper bag that is my uterus. They say I look great. I feel fine.
I am measuring at 43 weeks. Just when you think you can’t get any bigger…

I can’t see with my contacts, so I’ve been advised to just wear my glasses all the time now. That’s fine except this is an old RX, so I still don’t have 20/20 with them. TV is completely out. If I hold a book really close or enlarge things at close range on my computer, then I can get some things done. Otherwise I am blind. Seriously. Do you know how bad that sucks? And it’s worse at night because I think my eyes are fatigued.

So….I’m home. Again. Which is good, but mind-blowing at the same time. They are not labeling me as having preeclampsia–BUT they are cautious that it could turn to that.
I will go back on Wednesday and take the home blood pressure monitor kit with me so they can check it out and make sure the size fits and it’s working properly. We’ll also do all the other fun stuff: urine, blood, ultrasound.

Until then…I’m just supposed to take it easy, keep my feet up and let the Chicken Sherpa take care of me. Easier said than done. It was fine at the hospital because it was the nurse’s job to take care of me. But apparently I am not a very good home patient and try to do too much myself because I feel so guilty that Chicken Sherp has to do so much.
I’m trying…


Fuckity Fuck Fuck Crap.

Blood Pressure is rising.
Going into the Doctor’s office now.
I fully expect they will put me back in the hospital.
Bag is packed and ready.

It was a nice almost 3 days at home.