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January 9, 2010


I Think Someone Already Took This NickName

I’ve had a new ‘pregnancy pain’ this past week. One that leaves me giving a (more than) little yelp from the recliner/couch.

One that makes Chicken poke her head out with (more than) a little concern to see what the hell is going on and if I am OK.
When your wife has recently been hospitalized and then released and then almost hospitalized AGAIN, your nerves are probably a bit shot.

So, I’ve started yelling out “Fire Cro.tch!” or “Fire in the Hole!” after the yelping so she knows not to worry so much.

The pressure from 10 lbs of baby head(s) pressing on my cervix is getting fiery indeed. Yowza.
I guess this is just one more way my body is preparing for the exit strategy.

Speaking of: 28 more days until said exit strategy must be accomplished.
34 weeks today. Hooray!