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January 21, 2010


Birth Day?

Well, we kept telling the universe “Just Let Us Make It To Aquarius.” Damn, that universe listens and is timely.

My blood levels are deteriorating and going in the direction of HELLP.

Induction will start within….an hour or so? I’m scared to death of the induction because I’ve just not heard too many encouraging stories of being induced while still not dilated and having the vaginal birth outcome successful.

Nevertheless, these twins are vertex/vertex for a reason so I am going to give it my best shot.
I have the option to say STOP and go to a C-section anytime I want.

Someone’s coming to give me an IV now and move me to Labor and Delivery. It’s been quite the morning.

I’m in SHOCK. Chicken is on her way here. We are having babies….today? Soon!

I need to go find my ZEN place, it seems to have disappeared.

Almost Mama Pufferfish

Remember That Everything Can Change Overnight

I’ve been taking my blood pressure 3 x day as directed and we noticed a trend that it was going up, but this morning at the OB it was high, high, high.

There was also protein in my urine.

And….I’m back in the hospital.
It has turned into mild preeclampsia, which we knew all along it could. Some of my blood levels are coming back elevated as well, so I’m being poked and prodded quite a bit.
At least I had a nice 3 week reprieve at home! And Chicken got better just in time.
So, now my due date has been moved from 38 weeks to 37 weeks which is January 30. That’s 10 days!!! I can do 10 days no problem. I hope my body cooperates as well and these babies stay in 10 more days.

In fact, Chicken and I are relieved that they wanted to admit me for the duration of the pregnancy because everything about a high risk pregnancy can change overnight and I feel much more comfortable here getting the best round the clock care.
That’s why we choose a high risk specialist for this twin pregnancy and it was the right choice–BY FAR.

We’re mentally prepared for them to come any day now, but it would be really nice for them to hold on to 37 weeks.
They still have me cleared for a vaginal birth unless things get crazy. I had my first (2) cervical checks today (OMG those F*cking hurt) and while I’m not dilated at all, my cervix is nice and soft. Also, when they did the non-stress test, it showed I was having mild contractions–but they are irregular and nothing I can feel.

Overall, things are fine and the babies are perfect which is the most important thing.
And in less than 3 hours we’ve made it to Aquarius! (No offense Capricorns but we really wanted Aquarius!) Little Aquarians who will be here in 10 days or less!