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January 27, 2010


Day 6 with the Twins

In bullets b/c there’s just too much:

  • My condition was declining toward HELLP but they were willing to induce me for a natural labor
  • The natural labor they described was the most unnatural thing I’ve ever heard of, could take +48 hrs and more than likely would end up in an emergency C-Section anyway. The only natural thing was that the babies “might” exit out my vagina. Might.
  • The C-Section was solely our decision
  • We prepped for OR at 5:15 and the boys were here at 5:53
  • Those drugs are intense. Whoa.
  • Sebastian was fine from the beginning and was taken to well baby nursery
  • Max had a little problem breathing and spent the night in NICU but was released the following day mid-morning
  • I lost a lot of blood during surgery and am now severely anemic
  • We didn’t name them for over 48 hours
  • Chicken is a natural, she is a rock star and the love of my life. The babies totally have Chicken noses.
  • If you didn’t suffer from gas pains from your C-Section consider yourself extremely lucky indeed
  • My gas pains were so severe I had intense labor like contractions every 2-3 minutes all day and night on Saturday. I thought I might die. I actually wanted to die just to not feel the pain anymore. I was completely convinced there was no way it would ever end.
  • Take the drugs they offer you. All of them. DO NOT let your pain get away from you.
  • It got a little better on Sunday…with a little help from my friend suppository.
  • We let the nursery take them the first full night (Friday) but kept them in our room on the second night (Saturday).
  • By the middle of the night we knew that recovering from a C-Section PLUS twins=we need extra help BIG TIME.
  • We called my mom Sunday morning.
  • Sunday was a lot better. There’s nothing like two babies needing you to get your recovering C-Section ass out of bed and get on with it.
  • My blood pressure started going up on Monday.
  • We were all released to go home this day and Chicken’s dad drove 4 hours in the pouring rain to help us get home and meet his grandsons.
  • Coming home was intense and chaotic and wonderful and with little sleep.
  • My mom flew in yesterday (Tuesday).
  • I now believe all the people who said “you WILL NEED EXTRA HELP.”
  • Yes, I am a believer. If you ever want to sleep again, you will need help.
  • My blood pressure continued to climb yesterday.
  • I was almost sent to the hospital again last night, but my OB called in some blood pressure medication for me at midnight.
  • Thank god we live where we do and there’s a 24 hour Pharmacy right across the street.
  • I have to go to the Doctor’s this morning for monitoring and blood work and pray to whatever gods are responsible that this doesn’t now turn into E-Clampsia.
  • I finally had a shower this morning after one week.
  • The babies are the most perfect thing ever. They both breast feed but b/c they are so little we have to supplement with formula until my milk fully comes in.
  • I can even tandem breastfeed!!!
  • They go to their first pediatrician appointment tomorrow and I can get a better idea of how much we can cut down on their formula until we go 100% breast.

I got their weights wrong before:

Sebastian was 5 lbs, 4 oz.
Maximo was 4 lbs, 16 oz.

No, we did not expect two boys either!
And yes, I did remember what the psychic in Brooklyn said long, long ago when I asked her if I would have kids and she replied, “Yes, I see two boys, but they are not yours”.
I told the entire OR staff that story while they were stitching me up. It was the first thing I thought of.

Have to go to the Docs now…hate to leave these little guys even for a couple of hours!
Following you all on my iPhone (my Push gift!! WooHoo!) but can’t figure out how to blog from it. If anyone can tell me how, you’ll be hearing from me more often.

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