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January 28, 2010


So tired

The visit to the doctor’s was fine although everyone was talking about how wiped out I looked.
Now that I’m on blood pressure meds and iron pills I should be getting better. They were very concerned about me getting enough rest.
I have no idea how to do that yet until I can get them tandem all the time. Not easy as sebastian aka whoop whoop, fights getting on. But once he’s there he could stay for 30-40 minutes.
His brother, Grunter, does better getting on but doesn’t stay as long.
We’ll get there, we’ve only had 5 days practice.

At least they are both breast feeding and I’m getting more milk from pumping. Not enough to stop the formula, but soon I hope.
I am having a really hard time finding the time to fit pumping in every two hours as well. But I have the hands free breast pump and just ordered a bra so I can actually use that feature when it arrives on friday! That will free up my hands which is going to be great.

I have massive swelling and fluid retention in my legs, feet and ankles. I realize now I barely had any swelling during the pregnancy compared to this. The thing is, walking and moving is supposed to help that, but it also raised my blood pressure so what’s a girl to do?!

We are both starting to suffer from the effects of sleep deprivation.
It’s really hard, even with my mom here. Damn hard. But we are getting into a routine slowly. Keeping a log of every single thing really helps as it gets so confusing.

We are enjoying it and they are so cute we could just eat them up, but tired? Yes indeed.

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