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January 29, 2010


First Pediatrician Appointment

Well, it decided to snow yesterday morning and while that’s all nice to look at….the thought of dealing with snow PLUS the twins PLUS getting out of the house PLUS hailing a cab PLUS getting their car seats in a taxi for the first time?! Whoa.

Not to mention I can’t carry anything, not even the diaper bag. Chicken is a rockstar Sherpa, once again.

Thank goodness the snow stopped, the sun came out, we managed to leave the house on time right after a feeding and a diaper change. We didn’t leave anything behind, had everything in the diaper bag we needed, got an awesome cab driver who didn’t curse under his breath that we were taking so long to load up AND we got there in time!!
Whew! Grunter and Whoop Whoop like their car seats and have not fussed in them the entire two times they’ve been in them, so this is a good start.

In fact, when we undressed them on the table at the peds, the nurse remarked how chilled out they were and that most babies were fussy at this point. We have nothing to compare it to, so we’ll take her word.
The have both gained back their birth weight in only 6 days PLUS Max put on an extra ounce! Yeah babies!

They look great, but have to go back in only 5 days to be checked again because they are right on that cusp on preemie/not preemie (born at 35 weeks and 5 days, where 36 weeks would’ve crossed that line).
So far, so good.

A big concern is that my milk hasn’t come in and it’s been a week. I have now been advised to pump on a very strict pumping schedule every 2 hours. Unfortunately I have been very absorbed with breast feeding them and perfecting this rather than concentrating on pumping. It should have been the other way around because they are still so small and while they are feeding, their suck is not strong enough to bring in my milk. Now, I should only try to breastfeed them every 3-4 feedings and just pump, pump, pump. Damn, I wish I’d know this DAYS ago.
I’m in a bit of a panic mode now because I am just at that crossroads of “it might be too late”.
She advised me to get some mother’s milk tea, which I did and I’m drinking that 3-4 times a day now, hydrating like crazy, putting heat on before and ice on afterwards, dropping the pain med Perco.cet and ‘trying’ to get some rest. This is quite difficult when you pump every 2 hours as it really only gives me 1.5 hours of sleep at a time.
It’s day 8 now and I know that many things could delay your milk coming in: a C-section (check) Perco.cet (check), thyroid problems (check), excessive blood loss at birth (check), so I really do feel that I’m in a race against time.

If anyone has a similar story or can give me advice, please please please tell me! I need reassurance that it’s not over before it’s only begun. It’s already breaking my heart that I can’t breast feed them every feeding and we have to supplement with formula but I know this is the for the best in the long run.

Chicken thought it would be really funny to suckle me and I kicked her. Not funny. Not funny at all!! I never imagined your nipples could hurt so bad. OUCH.

WooHoo for hands free pumping! I can blog again!