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February 26, 2010


More Baby Wearing

Some of you asked for a photo of the baby wearing. We went out again on Wednesday with me wearing Grunter in the Moby. You have to look really close, but there is a spot of baby you can see. I swear he had plenty of room to breathe, there is a big open ‘pocket’ at the top. He was as happy as can be!

I walked more than I’ve dared since the C section–1.3 miles round trip! We walked all the way to the big box baby store where we had to return a few gifts. I also bought my very first nursing bra! Yeah, I know almost 5 weeks into this….it took me awhile. I do have a nursing tank, but I only wear that when we have visitors. Otherwise, I’ve been sporting the ‘hiking up my tank top’ look. Not ideal, but it works.

I’m really glad we got out that day–for an hour and 1/2–because it was snowy and rainy all day yesterday and now for the next couple of days we are looking at nothing but snow, snow, snow and freezing cold temperatures. We will not be venturing out with the babies in this weather. Thank god we can get everything delivered.

I am still at the tail end of this very bad, never ending cold and it’s hit Chicken full force. It has been really hard splitting the duties when both of us just want to sleep. I think she’s a bit luckier because she gets to take cold medicine and I could only suck on cough drops. Either way, we are both more than ready to stop the coughing and feeling crappy.
Getting sick and twin baby wrangling do not mix!

Is it Spring yet? I’m ready for long walks, farmer’s markets, shopping for gorgeous organic produce and having time to make some healthy meals, ready for our CSA farm share to begin and ready for some warmer weather. Oh Spring….you can’t get here soon enough.

Chicken Mommy wearing Whoop Whoop inside. I snapped a gas smile!

Me wearing Grunter in the Moby Wrap