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March 4, 2010



I wasn’t aware that 2 days ago Chicken stopped giving Savvy her thyroid meds. She figured that she didn’t need them anymore because we were putting her to sleep.

Well…what we DID notice yesterday was…NO POOP.
In the litter box? Yes. Just normal cat poop. Not the strange, gag-inducing-scoop-and-flush-it-right-now-before-we-all-die poop of the last couple of months.
I have not had to be the great poop hunter for 36 hours.
What the hell??

And through the night…nothing. She always craps somewhere in the dead of night. Nothing this morning either, her second favorite “guess where I’ve shat now” time.
I can’t believe that the very meds the vet prescribed were actually making her worse, but…I don’t know what to think.
I’m calling the vet and canceling the appointment for now.
For now…she lives.

I shouldn’t be surprised. This cat has escaped death more times than I can count in her 18 years.
She just keeps hanging on.
We’ll see what happens from here…