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March 5, 2010


My Village

I suck at asking for help. I know this, I’ve written about it and it’s so true.

Apparently though, I’m much better at writing about things and then hoping my friends will read it, realize I need help and offer up so I don’t have to ask.

Yesterday we had a very good friend come over to help us baby wrangle a couple of hours. She even did a load of laundry for us, yeah! She’s coming back Saturday morning to help me out while Chicken is gone for a couple of hours.

Another friend called to check up on me and is going to come over with her partner this weekend so that Chicken and I can either get out–just the two of us–or go take a nap in the other room–just the two of us! I think a nap will win, but who knows. This friend is also a shrinky dink and is going to do an assessment on me to determine if I am just feeling the normal overwhelmed mommy craziness or if indeed I am teeter tottering on the edge of crazy.

A faraway friend called another friend who used to be a nanny and she is available on the weekends…sweet!

And lastly, I reached out to a distant, younger (by 14 years) cousin who lives here and she is currently unemployed. I have asked if she would like to make some extra cash doing mother’s helper/babysitter type of work for us once or twice a week. She expressed interest in this before the boys were born, so I think that will work. It’s strange as I used to babysit her when she was a year old!

A baby nurse/night nurse would be great, but I don’t think it would work for us. We have a one bedroom apartment and the twins crib/s are in our bedroom. Where would the nurse sleep? On the sofa? The boys would still be in our room, so she would still have to disturb us and we would still hear everything since they are in the same room. We just don’t have enough space to make that option work.
Also, having one friend over to watch 2 infant twins is just a bit much. If WE are having a hard time with 2 babies and we know them well, one person (who is not a baby nurse/nanny) cannot handle this job. It’s great to have a friend over so that either Chicken or myself gets a break, but it’s a 2 person job at this point.

Last night was a breaking point of sorts. I finally broke down and took some night time cold medicine and got the best nights sleep I can ever remember. I really, really hope I haven’t done something horrible, but something had to give. So far, the meds over the past 2 days have not hurt my milk supply at all.
While I ran out to get the meds last night, the boys were having a meltdown and Chicken broke down and gave Whoop Whoop a paci. You’d think we’d given the boy crack. The fusspot was like a whole new baby.
We’ve tried the paci twice before and have had to stop both times because his breast feeding skills decline after the introduction of the binky. But last night we were willing to take the chance. It was just that bad.
So far, he’s been fine latching on so maybe…it will work! I hope so, because that kid loves to suck and this would really change our lives. Fingers crossed.

My precious babies are 6 weeks old now! Wow, time sure is flying.