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March 6, 2010


The Importance of Being Ready

Because we can go from happy to sad in one click.

We received so many baby clothes as gifts I’d totally forgotten about these. I pulled them out today when my friend Lisa was over and we played dress up and photo shoot with the boys.

Aren’t they ultra preppy? I think they should go to the country club and play polo soon.
Also, can you believe how different they look now?? I swear, they don’t even look like brothers except for the Chicken nose. SO different!

The weather was gorgeous today–Spring is in the air! I skipped a pumping session after lunch and we each strapped on a baby and went for a nice long walk. The 2 days of cold meds have made a HUGE difference and I am *almost* feeling like myself again. I wish I’d known I could take meds weeks ago. That’s what I get for playing Dr. Google instead of actually, oh I don’t know, calling my doctor. Why am I so stupid sometimes??
We’ve even managed to make some homemade lentil soup today. You can just never predict the ups and downs that happen from day to day. Today has been a very good day. I have to remember to just take this day by day.

In other news….Whoop Whoop has latched for every feeding today. Not a great latch, but he has never been a barracuda like Grunter, so I’m not expecting miracles. A latch is a latch is a latch at this point.
I don’t know what happened last night?! But we haven’t used a paci since then and by the grace of god he was good all night and has been all day as well.
Who knows? The great mystery of raising a baby, I suppose. I have to remember to take this feeding by feeding.

I’m not opposed to the nipple shields and will give them a shot if we have more problems. I’m not even opposed to the bottle feeding of formula/breast milk as Chicken gives them bottles at night while I sleep. They have no problem going from the bottle to the breast (THANK GOD).
However, I don’t think I could breast feed Grunter AND bottle feed W2. I just can’t do both at the same time. It’s easier to take away the paci (again) and tandem feed them.
We’ll give it another week and then introduce it. Slowly….surely…he’s going to get it sooner or later.

Thanks for all of your advice and concern, I really do appreciate it.
No matter what sort of day we are having, I look at these little boys every day and feel so blessed that they are mine. I love them with an intensity I could have never imagined possible and they are worth every sleepless night, every struggle with breast feeding, everything in the world. Every morning when I breastfeed them by the window in the early morning light, I have the same awestruck sensation that they are here. They are mine.
They are my world. I prayed for them for so many years and I can’t imagine my life without them.

Too good to be true…

24 hours. That’s all it took. 24 hours of calm, peace and some quiet. We had a happy baby and he had happy parents.
And now? Same story as always.
He won’t latch on. Breastfeeding is a nightmare. After 15 minutes of screaming, he got a bottle.
He won’t latch on.
This is what always happens with a paci.

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