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March 23, 2010


For Those of You Who Had a C Section

Humor me and tell me how long you bled?
Because I feel like I’m working on a world record here as it will be 9 weeks in 2 days.
I left the hospital with enough mesh panties and pads to last 6 weeks because I expected that…but this is getting ridiculous.

Plus, I’m not a butt panty kind of Puff. I remember when I got pregnant one of my bf’s told me about her fave maternity panties that I just had to have.
I let let her know that wasn’t going to be necessary as I was a thong kind of girl thank you very much.
She said…just you wait.
I never bought those maternity panties.

I miss my real panties, the tiny ones. How long till we meet again? Nine weeks is a mighty long time.

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