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April 7, 2010


Brand New Day

Thanks for being there, peeps. Sorry my last post was such a bitch session, but sometimes life just sucks and yesterday was one of those days for sure.
What a difference a day makes.

Have I mentioned that Chicken is Super Mom? She is.

Last night, seeing that I was reaching (had reached?) my breaking point, she offered to give the boys bottles of expressed breast milk for the middle of the night feeding–letting me sleep uninterrupted on the couch far away from baby wrangling and noise. That means I got almost 6 hours of sleep!!! Makes you feel like a whole new person.

The boys also turned a new page and Whoop Whoop stopped being such a stinker, slept for almost FIVE hours straight (this has never happened before!) followed by a FOUR hour stretch and two three hours. I think we might be entering a new phase.
Up until now we have been on a every 2.5-3 hour schedule round the clock.
Grunter also did an amazing 5.5 hour stretch in between feedings this morning shocking us all.

Being so well rested and the boys behaving, I was able to take over the morning slot and gave Chicken a nice 4.5 hour nap.
We were both like new mommies today with some much needed rest.

My new strategy to combat the (sometimes) nightmare that has become tandem breast feeding, is to try to feed them one-on-one as much as I can during the day. Yes, it takes more time, but this is my full time job, so I might as well give it a shot and see if it gets any better.
Days like yesterday make me want to throw in the towel and start scooping formula, but as I have heard many twin moms say “You don’t take breast feeding twins one day at a time, you take it one feeding at a time.” True, that.

The boys like it much better, especially Mr. Fussy Feeder W2. It doesn’t stress me out so much and is truly a bonding experience.
The feeding was (is?) becoming something that was bringing me to tears and causing me great anxiety. What if W2 is too worked up and doesn’t latch? What if he latches but then comes off? How long will it take me to get him back on again? He pops on and off many times during a feed and each time I tense up never knowing how it’s going to end. I have to hold the back of his head in an (almost) vice grip to ensure he just stays on. Relaxing, bonding moment? Not so much. It just is another survival technique.
He has a new trick that he’s found just in the last 3 days that involves slurping up my tata when he comes off. I’m sure an LC would disapprove, but it works! And I’m down for anything that works at this point. Because before the slurp attack? NOTHING worked.

After the lunchtime feed today, we gave them some time to wind down and then went out for a late lunch of sushi. Everyday we try different things with them. One day it’s getting salads and eating in the park. Another it’s eating al fresco at the cute French cafe. Today, it was quite hot and we went inside the Japanese restaurant wearing one and pushing the other in the Snap and Go. That was a great combination. We certainly feel like we have a life when we can just get out and do something normal. It makes a huge difference.

Now I’m just pumping, they are napping and this evening when it cools off a bit more, we’re going to go out for ice cream before bedtime. Or maybe ice cream is dinner. Yes, I think that sounds like a fine idea.

Here’s something funny: my mom sent a box of cute baby clothes that arrived today. She put in some gifts for us as well. You know what they were? Thongs. One for each of us. Hysterical.