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May 4, 2010


Roly Poly Problemos

For the last week or so–right around the 3 month mark (but 2 months adjusted) both of the boys have been rolling onto their backs during tummy time.
This seemed early…but great.

Today, Grunter was taking a nap in the crib when we heard an unusual squak. We figured he was waking up and ready to eat, as usual.

When we went in we found he had rolled–while swaddled–from his back to his front!
Scary though because he couldn’t move since he was swaddled up.
I think the swaddler gives him an unfair advantage of flipping and rolling that he doesn’t have otherwise. Plus, I can already tell he is going to be a side sleeper as he prefers to roll on his side while hanging out.

Is it time to unswaddle and just do the sleep sack portion??
I’m scared because he still can’t raise his head a long time during tummy time and doesn’t have the upper body strength his brother has.
I’m also scared that he won’t sleep as well with his arms moving all over.
What to do? What to do…?

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Third Times a Charm?

The passport photos for myself and Chicken are done.

We did a re-do with the boys. This time a very nice lady had they lay on the floor on top of a white blanket we had brought.
Chicken and I would hold their heads facing perfectly straight, count to 3 and let go.
Some times this worked, but wow, babies really like to turn their heads.
We thought we got 2 good photos but when she printed them, the were blurry and the blanket was rumpled….which means they are no good!!

Today, I’m going to try some photos at home myself and if it works, just go in and have her size and print them since she offered us yet another re-do.
Just in case we have to try it in the store again, we are going to use a piece if white poster board instead and I’m bringing my camera as it has a much faster speed than the digi she was using.

Fingers crossed. Third times a charm.
We don’t have our appointment at the passport agency until next week, so we have tine to keep trying!
This is crazy!

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