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May 6, 2010


Crib Separation Anxiety

I’m the one having anxiety, not the boys!

After Grunter decided he was all grown up now and could roll with the big boys, we did look into the sleep positioners. While I’m sure they have indeed worked for others, it was not going to be a good fit for us. Grunter has flipped around like a swaddled, crazed mermaid from about 2 weeks old.
He is a mover and a shaker and I have no doubt he would’ve slipped and scooted himself right down that device, causing me more anxiety than the possibility of him rolling over.

The boys look like they are going to be tall and for the last couple of weeks we’ve been discussing moving them to their separate cribs because we were afraid they would soon start kicking each other in their sleep and waking the other one up.
Our decision to unswaddle Grunter also forced us to separate them.
Now that he has free movement, there’s no way we wanted them in the same crib together.
So, two nights ago, my tiny babies became big boys. No more swaddle, no more sleeping together. Sigh.
I just wasn’t expecting this at 14.5 weeks! I mean, I’m really pleased that developmentally they are doing so well, but considering their ‘real’ adjusted age is only 10.5 weeks, I certainly wasn’t expecting this.

The first night we removed the swaddler portion of the Halo SleepSack (love this product, it’s a 2 for 1 deal, just like twins!) and put him on his back. That night was a bit of a nightmare.
He grunted and snorked and cried and barked out in the night. I was a mess worrying that he was face down suffocating himself. My worst fear has always been that I will wake up and one of the boys will no longer be breathing, so this was like my worst nightmare scenario.
However, every time I checked on him, he was on his side, never on his stomach. Just as I suspected…he’s a side sleeper!
We all got little sleep and by 4am, we brought his car seat to the bedroom and he slept for a blissed out 4 hours. Pretty much a record for him, so he really needed it.

Last night, we figured we had no option, but to just suck it up and try it again. It has to get better. And it did. He went down just fine, even better than when we would swaddle him. First time down and we never had to come back for any soothing. Yeah!
BUT, when I put his brother down (swaddled), he began thrashing about and I thought…hmmm? Time to unswaddle him as well?
I did, but it took 6 tries to soothe him and get him to sleep. Chicken decided he needed to be swaddled and that I was just paranoid, but guess who decided to roll on their side all swaddled up??!! Yep.
So, Whoop Whoop is also swaddle free today.

This morning during tummy time, Grunter rolled from his stomach to his back, THREE TIMES. I guess I don’t need to worry so much.

Separate Cribs. Swaddle Free.

Time sure is moving fast.