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May 7, 2010


I Haven’t Really Left You

I feel bad that I don’t comment very much. It’s just so hard.
I can read all of the blogs from my iPhone, but it’s much harder to type out all of the comments and everything I’d like to say.

It’s difficult enough to just keep blogging but I’m trying.
My laptop goes days without being opened and so I haven’t updated my blogroll, put bfp’s in the appropriate category, listed all the blogs I’m reading (because I read so many more than what are listed).

I’m beginning to find a few more moments of free time, life IS getting easier. But, whew.
Life with twins is hard, y’all.

I remember reading on someones blog that is was so unhelpful to hear how hard it was going to be or that they didn’t know what they are getting themselves into.
And that’s not helpful, but my god is it true.
It’s the physical sleep deprivation more than anything else that you just cannot expalin to people who have not experienced it.
And even if you have 2 kids close in age…it is still not like having twins.
They are simply in their own category and the only ones who truly get it are other twin moms.

Thanks for those of you who continue to read along. I’m still reading along, too, and someday I hope to be an active commenter again.

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