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May 13, 2010


Where Are We Going, Mommy?

For those of you following along, it took 2 more tries to get their baby photos for the passports! Four total.

The third time wasn’t a charm at all as the nice woman wasn’t working and #1 A-hole was.
We decided to go to a different location and get them done there…and by the time we got there both babies were asleep! Didn’t matter anyway because this location had a non-working piece of machinery and couldn’t do it. Urgh.

We took a day off after that and I practiced a bit on my own at home and decided that I would bring my camera in as it had a faster speed than the one the store was using.
The girl working was really nice about me wanting to use my camera. And….that’s what worked! We laid each boy down on a white piece of poster board and stood above them and snap! Yeah!!

It took us 3 hours at the passport agency and that’s WITH an appointment. I swear, we got the slowest government employee there. He was totally overwhelmed with the fact he had to do 4 applications at once. We had to stand up there at the window for almost 2 hours…
And can I tell you how many kids were at that place? It was like a nursery in there. We didn’t need to worry about bothering anyone with a baby crying because there were about 20 kids in there under the age of 3, no kidding.

The next day Chicken was able to go down and pick up our new passports.
I still can’t believe we all have this new last name and now we all have every single piece of legal documentation to show it. We are a family. With all the same last name. And passports!
Where are we going, Mommy?
(Yes, I stole this idea from Next in Line! It was too cute to resist!)