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May 18, 2010



Oh the thought processes are so much fun to read! But, nope.

One, only ONE person, has come very close…and I had a feeling she would, you Indian diety you.

Let me stress: a country where our dollar is stronger than the local currency. Check out the Euro vs. the USD. Not so good.

Also, gay marriage is very, very close to becoming a law in this country. Five gay couples have already married in this country after judges gave them permission, however, some of these marriages have been overturned.

Travel Trivia

Some people buy all new baby gear. We did not and I’m proud of my used/second hand/gently worn cribs, bedding, gear, clothing and toys. It’s my way of offsetting the carbon footprint I create by getting on a big ass jet plane.

We had been told that 4 months to 1 year is the golden age of travel with babies. After that things become quite complicated until after 2 1/2 years old.
With the money we saved from buying used (over 6K now, yes I keep track) baby gear, we decided to (a) set up the college trust for the boys (b) get the most of Chicken’s time off and go travel!

I spent many, many hours while tandem breastfeeding researching vacation destinations. Thank god for the iPhone. My life would not be functioning without this one little piece of wonderfulness. (As a side note, I’ve now spent about 1,000 hours breastfeeding. Holy Shit.) It keeps me productive. Best Push Present Ever. Screw diamonds.

Our first choice was South East Asia and for a couple of weeks we thought taking the train from one end of Vietnam to the other sounded grand. But it’s the hot, rainy season and 2 tiny babies cranky from the heat? Not so fun. Plus, the medical situation is sketchy and we would’ve had to hop a plane to Bangkok or Singapore to get quality care.

Of course I’m always game for Thailand, but wow are we glad we didn’t go there again because holy crap I didn’t see that coming. We’ll go back again someday when the violence has calmed down, but for now it’s too dangerous to fly in. And again…it’s HOT.
I realized I had to stop planning vacations for US and think of everything the boys would need–temperate climate, good medical care, nothing too demanding combined with what we need–a place that isn’t a 24 hour plane ride, where the dollar goes far (enough), family friendly, not terribly homophobic and we can get around easily with the kids. Good food is always a bonus.

Then, we got to watching the Olympics and thought we’d go to Vancouver (Hi E!). In fact, I planned out a vacation that had us flying into either Portland (Hi Donuts!) or Seattle (Hi Poppy and Cat and Kat and Bree!) and then driving up the coast. Or we’d fly into Seattle and take the car ferry or the train. And then we’d spend a week in Vancouver and the surrounding area. But…it could be really rainy. It could be a lot of time spent in the car (and thank god we didn’t do this one because we found out in Florida the car didn’t go so well….). And honestly, we can fly to Vancouver and do a week there anytime. It doesn’t take that long to get there and there are some really good prices on flights.

Back to the drawing board.
Finally, we settled on a destination. A country we have both wanted to visit for a very long time. It is politically stable with good medical care, is reasonable gay friendly and very family friendly, the cities are easy to get around without a car, the people are warm, friendly and beautiful plus there is gorgeous natural scenery throughout the entire country. The climate for this season is perfect weather for the babies. Neither too hot nor too cold. Just right for baby wearing and sightseeing.
Best of all, when Chicken’s mom and stepdad heard where we are going, they wanted to come with us! Yeah! We are going to have help for the first time in 4 months. A night off. A dinner out by ourselves. Eight hands for 2 babies. Perfect.
We will have one long international flight plus 3 domestic flights once we are in country. I think after this trip, I’ll be able to make some money writing freelance articles on how to fly with babies!

So, where are we going? First person to answer correctly will win a prize from our vacation destination. I don’t know what the prize will be, but I will pick out something cool when I get there and try to send it to you in a timely manner.
I will try to post the answer tomorrow or the next day.
Ready, Set, Guess!

***If I know you IRL and you know where we’re going, you can’t be a spoilsport and guess!!***

Right Decision

I got to the cat just in time. He was about to take a crap on the couch. There have been 3 other times we were not so lucky as he as already peed/pooed in our laundry basket, peed on our bed and peed on a baby item. He’s also peed/pooed once on the kitchen floor. Now that I write this all down I see what’s what.

I hated to do it, but I had to. I had Grunter in my arms getting him to sleep when I had to put him down quickly, thus scaring the bejeesus out of him, waking him up and sending him to fever pitch screams and just barely got to the cat in time to keep poop from my couch. We’ve put an old blanket down just in case, but still.
Damn. Having animals and babies is damn hard. Especially old animals.
He’s had a great life. He really has.
When Chicken and I got together I had 4 cats. She thought I was the crazy cat lady (I kinda was). We don’t have any of those cats anymore.
I took him in tonight at 8pm.
It was the right thing to do. We had 18 years together.
That’s a long, long time.
Be well Boo Boo Bunny. I hope we meet again in another life. You’ll hop on the bed and nudge me. I’ll lift the covers and pat the body pillow. You’ll climb under and curl up beside me, my arm wrapped around you, your head burrowed into my armpit, and your front paw kneading my shoulder. When I softly say your name you’ll look up at me and softly meow back. We’ll stay that way, like lovers, for a very long time. You were my kind of cat.