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June 7, 2010


Chicken is My *Fluffer*

**This was written about a month ago**

Well folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Drugs are good.

I’ve done drugs before I got pregnant and drugs to get me pregnant and drugs while I was pregnant and drugs after being pregnant. They were all, mostly, good.
And now….drugs off the internet. Yes, the ‘get your milk on’ drugs from New Zealand, are indeed getting Chicken’s milk on.
In fact, it worked really fast.
We should’ve written it all down but we didn’t. From what we remember it went like this:

Pumped for about 20 minutes 4-6 times a day for 2-3 weeks
Week three started taking Domperidone three 10 mg tabs, 3 x day, continue to pump as much as humanly possible, including in the middle of the night PLUS put the baby to the breast as much as possible when baby is full
Week four, all of the above=droplets of milk!!
Week five, all of the above and now seeing collected milk in the containers after pumping.

Basically, she had only been taking the drugs for a little over a week when the milk started.
Now, it was mere droplets, but everyday it gets better and better and just the last couple of days it has been enough to start collecting when she pumps where before it was just on the phalanges.
But the best part? As most of you are aware, what you pump is not a true indicator of what you are actually producing since the baby can extract more than the pump.
So, for two days now Chicken has taken a HUNGRY baby to the breast just to see what happens……….
The baby stays on. And swallows.
She doesn’t have enough for a full feeding, but she has enough to hold one off while I feed the other.
This is really our main goal. To be able to go out and about and for me to still be able to breast feed each one of them. Since they are tandem fed, they are usually hungry at the same time when we are out, making bottles of expressed milk necessary to have along for the ride. (Ever try to tandem feed in public? Not so much!)
Chicken could eliminate the need for a bottle and I could freeze my milk for the future (I have 4 bags in the freezer and 4 bottles in the fridge! Go me! That is a huge deal for me!).

Chicken is bound and determined to make this happen and she’s very much a Type A personality, so it doesn’t surprise me that she is sacrificing sleep to pump in the middle of the night. Once Chicken decides to do something, she rarely backs down.

She’s been motivated seeing what a huge bond I have with the boys from breast feeding and she wants in on some more of that. Plus, she just wants to help out. It would be great if she can pump and freeze so that when they are teething if we have to resort to more bottles, we are able to without supplementing with formula.

Also, she confessed it would be really nice to be able to eat whatever she wants and not gain weight! LOL! She sees me eating milk and cookies every night and I think she’s a wee bit jealous. Considering I managed to bake a cake the other day and we polished half of it off in less than 24 hours…um, yeah.
(Yes! I baked a cake during a nap time! Fastest cake I’ve ever baked. I put the pan in the over right as they woke up. Amazing! It’s true that the 3 month mark really is a month of change and things DO get easier!)

I know the weight loss doesn’t happen with everyone who is breast feeding but it has been amazing to have the pounds literally melt off every week while I continue to stuff my face. Breast feeding is not the time for dieting! I love it!!
I can actually wear one pair of my pre-pregnancy pants as of this week. I am so excited that I may not have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe after all (although Chicken dried all of my shirts in the dryer and everything shrunk so I may have to do some clothes shopping after all…..).

And that’s where we are. Drugs are good. I like drugs. I might even take some myself and see if it will increase my milk production enough that I can pump and freeze some more. That sure would be exciting.

**I did start taking Dom a couple of weeks before we left for Argentina (Thanks KJ!). My milk production has def increased and so has Chicken’s. It worked super fast and I would recommend it to anyone. NO side effects and nothing hormonal.
Chicken has continued to take it, pump and was able to help me by fluffing the babies in Argentina.

If you want to know where I order it from, I’m now getting it from Thailand, where it’s the same RX but cheaper. You can contact me offline if you want to know more. Just leave me a message in the comments.

***Who gets the Fluffer reference??***

One Year Ago

One year ago today on my 40th birthday, we transferred two bundles of cells that became two bundles of joy.

I don’t know which part shocks me more; the fact that I’m 41 or that I have 4 1/2 month old twin sons.
Probably both.