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July 1, 2010


How Do You Escape?

Yesterday was a particularly hard day in Pufferville. I try not to blog on days like that because the thoughts I have aren’t pretty. In fact, I started to blog yesterday and I’m going to delete it.

The thoughts I have change radically from day to day, hour to hour.
Right now, it’s all about naps.
Sleep. Lack of. For me. For the babies. Yuck.
However! Sleep training at night time is going very, very, very well. No complaints there and it worked FAST. (Yes, yes, I know I keep promising I’m going to write a detailed post about it and I am, I swear).

So after we got the kids to sleep–6:20! No crying!–I really needed to decompress and I discovered something about myself. When I am really needing to ‘escape’ I do the same type of thing: I order Asian food (Vietnamese or Thai) and look at things on the internet that have to do with South East Asia. It is my ultimate escape. I love dreaming about the next vacation or perhaps living abroad for awhile.
For instance, last night I looked at a website of villas to rent on the island of Phuket. There are some sweet deals out there! Look at this one. That’s only $112/night per couple with a FT chef and housekeeper! With FREE child and toddler friendly removable stair gates, kid’s toys, CD’s and DVD’s, child’s bikes, high chairs, cribs and car booster seats!!
It was enough to make me want to start emailing my friends asking who wants to go in on a vacation villa in Thailand, but Chicken stopped me (Next in Line?)
Other times, I look at blogs of people traveling in SEA or I’ll just search for photos.

What do you do to escape? How do you decompress and day dream?