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July 6, 2010



Well, I can hardly believe it myself but it’s already that time.
Grunter is going to be crawling before we know it. If you put him on his back under the play gym, he flips himself over quickly and “swims”. He gets very frustrated that he’s not getting anywhere! This cracks me up since less than a month ago he HATED tummy time and then one day…preferred it.
And that’s what babies do. They are always changing up their game and keeping you on your toes.

It happened yesterday, that oh shit! moment. I had put him under the play gym which is on top of one of those interlocking foam square play areas. We have a pretty big area (or so I thought) and I often will put them down to play while I do other things–including a quick trip around the corner to the kitchen. I pop my head out often to make sure everything is ok and keep an ear out for trouble.

I heard Grunter give out a cry and figured that Whoop Whoop had probably kicked him.
I had only been in the kitchen long enough to get the bottles out of the fridge and put them in a hot water bath to warm up.
But it was long enough for him not only to flip over but apparently KEEP rolling–something I’ve never witnessed–and he ended up face down on the hard wood floor!

He was totally fine. I was more upset than he was! But it was that scary moment of realizing how mobile your ‘baby’ is becoming and all the things you have to do to get ready NOW.

Our entertainment “table” is the biggest hazzard. The TV is too low, all of the equipment is exposed and there are a gazillion cords everywhere. There’s no solution to fix it so I’m looking at media cabinets. We have put off buying new furniture for…hmmm…most of the relationship!
The couch and the desk we bought new together about six or seven years ago.
Every other item in the house has either been bought used/second hand stores/goodwill or found on the street or down stairs in our garbage room on a tenant’s moving out day.

Having kids has forced us to step it up a notch and buy some new stuff!
So while I hate spending the money, I’m very happy to get rid of the crappy end table that I found in an office bathroom 13 years ago.
And I was delighted to replace the wooden and iron coffee table that had jagged, chipped wood (totally an accident waiting to happen) with a soft sided leather coffee table/ottoman/storage bench. The old one went back to the garbage where we’d found it years earlier.
And the Lazy Boy. Well, that was just a gift from god. Money well spent as I lived in it my entire 3rd trimester.

Bit by bit, we are getting it together and adjusting to this new stage of parenthood and kids.

What did you do to baby proof or rather what did you find out you should have done? Do I really need to bolt the bookcase to the wall (I’m leaning to yes…)?
Any other tips??

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