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July 14, 2010


Seriously Broken Update

Yep, it’s mastitis. It came on fast.
Fever was 101.5 an hour ago and now 102.4.
Called OB who called in RX which I will take for 10 days.

Then I called LC who said I can still BF, but do it as normal–when the boys eat. Then pump afterwards to empty the breast.
Woohoo. I can get some sleep!

HN is staying late and doing bedtime routine, thank god for her. No date night this week.

So dizzy. So cold. This bites.
The good news is that the broken titty is less lumpy after Whoop Whoop stayed on for an hour.

Thanks for all of your comments.

PS. I’d read about the comb/hot shower thing and tried that this morning. No dice.

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Broken Titty Update

Two hours ago:
Headache. Heating Pad on my head now. And that’s the heated rice sock tucked into my bra.
Why didn’t anyone tell me my tits are the size of a po.rn star’s? Jeezus. I had no idea. No wonder I’ve been getting some MILF looks from the ghetto guys.

Now, Sitting here with W2 asleep on my breast for the last hour doing that suck/sleep thing. Figured it was the best thing for my broken titty and he only slept in his crib for a 30 minute catnap so might as well ensure he gets sleep one way or another.

I’m so cold. The room is at 78 degrees and I’m wrapped in blankets head to toe with just my boob uncovered.
My hands feel a little numb.
When I think of food, my stomach tumbles.
This can’t be good. Fuck.

When W2 wakes up I’m trying Poppy’s suggestion of the broken titty dunking booth and after that calling the OB and my LC.

I’m wiped out and can’t even *really* sleep because I should be pumping every 2 hours.


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Magic Titty is Broken

It was a very normal routine last night:

  • breast feed at 4:30pm
  • bath at 5:15pm
  • bottle of BM at 5:30pm (yes, we try to fatten them up like foie gras in the evening)
  • in bed by 6pm
I pumped at 7pm, didn’t get as much as usual, but thought nothing of it.
Ate dinner, took a shower and went to bed at 8:30pm.
Boys woke up at 11pm (they usually wake up anywhere between 10-11pm)
Gave them a formula bottle, got up to pump.
While pumping, again noticed I didn’t get nearly as much as usual.
Got back into bed and realized the magic titty on the right was broken.
As in HUGE and FULL of lumps and PAINFUL.

Back out to the living room and Dr. Google.
Self Diagnosis is Clogged Milk Duct.
Crap. Apply ice while researching cures.

Took a midnight hot shower and massaged broken magic titty.
Felt marginally better and went back to bed.
Woke up again at 2:30am, nursed them both on the broken titty and had to run and get a backup bottle as not enough was coming out.
Pumped again, applied ice.

Repeated the same thing in the morning, breast feed, pump, hot shower, massage.
This time I got out the heating pad and laid down with it for an hour.
Then when it was time to feed them again, I massaged the broken titty as I fed them.

It hurts SO bad. It’s huge and lumpy and engorged. It hurts to raise my arm. I can’t lift a baby without major pain. I am out of commission today and trying to let HN and Chicken do everything while I breast feed, pump and rest.

I am getting a little less than an ounce every time I pump on that side and the baby does stay on for about 5 minutes before becoming frustrated, so I know something is coming out, but not much.
Any words of advice? Anything else I could/should be doing? How long to expect this to last?
My boys want their magic titty back soon.