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July 17, 2010


Magic Titty on the Mend plus Bonus Photos!

WooWee. That was brutal. I love how I skimmed over those parts in my Mothers of Multiples breastfeeding book. I remember thinking “that sounds AWFUL, good thing I don’t have to worry about that”.
And the universe laughed a big effin HaHa.

My fever broke yesterday morning so that was fast. I felt like I’d been hit by a giant wave. No kidding about those “flu like” symptoms. Ouchie.

I’ve had Whoop Whoop take his afternoon nap on my broken titty for the last two days and immediately there has been an improvement.

Taking the meds, massaging BT and trying to get some rest.
I am concerned about my supply as it seems to have dropped substantially almost overnight not just from BT but from the tits alright side as well. I’ve eaten like a bird in the past 48 so maybe it’s that.
My appetite is returning and hopefully so will my milk.
Until then, thank god for formula or else there would be non stop screaming from 2 hungry babies.
I think they look pretty happy. We have a lot of fun even though I wish I had the energy of HN. Someday. Maybe I’ll feel like my old self someday.

Feet are the most fascinating thing in W2’s life these days.

When he’s not trying to eat his toes, he can be found trying to eat his brother’s hand.

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