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July 20, 2010


You’d Better Work It

So guess what I got my boys for their six month old birthday?? A job! Haha!

We got the part! But not without some showbiz drama….

Here’s how it went down:
I fed them about 1/2 hr before we left and then we wore them in the Ergo/Mai Tai. They slept about 1/2 of the way and were conked out by the time we arrived at the studio in Queens.
We were in a room with hair and makeup, some extras and another set of twins (g/g). We thought we’d be in this private room and we could put the babies down to play and chill out–um no. They stayed asleep for their first ‘interview’ which involved two guys coming over with a photo of another set of twins and comparing the photo to our sleeping boys.
The second time they came over, the boys had woken up and we were asked to stand up with them. They were still in the carriers and I asked if we needed to take them out, but they said no.
And…not long after that we were thanked for coming and told that our boys, while very cute and adorable, were just too big for the part.
First time they’ve been TOO BIG!! Yeah, they are growing! Boo, they didn’t get the part.

I stopped to chat up the other twin parents on my way out. Their girls were quite a bit smaller than our boys and they were asked to come back tomorrow. Oh, and get this, they also have a 3 year old and a 19 month old. Holy Crap that’s a lot of baby. Anyway.

We took the subway back home and arrived home just in time for the next feeding. While I’m feeding them, I get a call from the producer that “oh, they’ve changed their mind and could we start filming tomorrow?”
Huh? Well, OK!

I’m still not clear on why they changed their mind, but there you have it. We start work at (insert OMG here) 7:15 am tomorrow. How in the world am I going to get these guys fed, dressed and be in Queens by 7:15 am?? I’ll get ‘er done, but damn. Guess I’ll go take a shower now and go to sleep in the clothes I plan to wear tomorrow.

For those of you who couldn’t figure out which show it is, the clue is in the prior title, GIRL.