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August 25, 2010


Clarification of the Diaper Bag and More Useful Packing Items

First, to answer Jen. My diaper bag is indeed huge.

As most readers of this blog know, we bought just about everything for the twins used/second hand. To this day, I can count the number of clothing items we have bought ourselves as we get so many hand-me-downs from friends/cousins. I think it’s great! More money to spend on other things.

However, the diaper bag was one of the items that I splurged on. I love it, love it, love it and it’s perfect for traveling.
The brand is called Ju Ju Be and my bag is the Be Prepared.
The name fits me well as I pride myself on being organized and prepared!

Also, my list was a bit misleading as I didn’t quite fit all of that into the diaper bag and had to shove some items in the suitcase (for instance, the 40 pack of diapers). But yeah, I can get ALOT (most of it) in that bag.
I also always carry a supply of large and small ziploc bags when traveling. I can’t even count the number of times those have come in handy.

My last item I forgot to include was a travel pack of duct tape. I know, it’s so lesbionic, but trust me–it has a million uses. It’s always in my bathroom bag, but I think I’m going to switch it to my diaper bag now so it’s always with me.
For instance, when we got to the condo we discovered how bright the bedroom was even with the blinds closed. What to do? Baby needs to nap…
I grabbed a dark sarong that I had packed specifically anticipating this problem, climbed up on a chair and duct taped the fabric over the window. Viola! Darkened room perfect for napping!
I never travel without a sarong. It’s a blanket for a picnic, a towel at the beach, a dress, a skirt, a cover when you’re cold and so many other things. I could probably sling a baby in one if I tried.

We DO always carry a back up set of clothes for the twins–just 2 extra onsies–and also these bags for anything dirty. They are great!
We’ve been very fortunate in diaper blow outs in that I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve needed back up clothing items for the twins.
As for extra clothing for ourselves, we have been super lucky and have never the joyful experience of being pooped or peed on. Not once! So, we’ve never packed that in the bag, but now that I’ve typed this, surely one of us will get shat on promptly.