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September 8, 2010


Sleeping Through the Night!!

I wanted to wait a few nights to make sure it was true….but they did it! The twins are sleeping through the night.

When we were on vacation (on exactly their 7 month birthday) the boys both had some loooong stretches of sleep that have never happened before. We didn’t know if it was the ocean air that everyone had claimed or not…because last week sleep was a bit off again.

But, while on vacation we basically stopped the 10pm (ish) dreamfeed bottle we’d been doing (7 oz) and decided to let them wake up on their own. They really surprised us and slept far longer than we anticipated. There was one 10 hour night for Whoop Whoop and a 9 hour night for Grunter.
Last week Whoop Whoop was teething and well, sleep and teething? It doesn’t go so well.
But once that first little tooth broke through on Sunday (and what a cute little tooth it is!) the good sleep came back!
  • Sunday they went to bed at 6:30pm and woke up at 5:30am–ELEVEN HOURS!! And then, they went back to bed after I breast fed them and slept til 8am!! Heaven! No fussing in between, nothing but sleeping.
  • Monday they slept for TEN hours straight, woke up at 5am and went back to bed til 8am!!
  • Tuesday they slept for ELEVEN hours again! (But this time when they woke up at 5:45, they just fussed in their cribs and didn’t go back to sleep. Oh well, can’t win them all.)
In just three days, I feel like my life has changed. I am not a walking zombie and don’t wake up begging for a chance, any chance, for a nap. It is so beautiful.
Plus, their naps are wonderful. They are doing two naps a day for about 1.5+ hr each nap.
I owe it all to sleep training. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it was HARD, but I’m so glad we did CIO sleep training. They are such excellent sleepers now!
The fog is lifting. It took a long time, but they did it!!!

Now, too bad my boobs can’t sleep through the night:( I tried it and they woke me up almost engorged so now I am going to do a pump at 6:30pm after they go to bed, another one at 9:30pm before I go to bed and then set an alarm for 12:30 and do another pump. That should last until the babies wake up. I wish I could go all night, but I already noticed a drop in my milk supply from ‘trying’ it that way the last 3 nights and I worked too hard to get my supply up to screw it up now. Any advice on this? Am I am the right track?