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September 16, 2010


Gossip Boys!

The twins have made their TV debut on Gossip Girl.!

I meant to blog about it, but honestly even I didn’t know when the episodes were airing. Just last week, I emailed the producer we’d been working with asking about the air dates as I knew the season premier was coming up. She was very nice and said she’d let me know shortly. As I didn’t hear from her….I assumed they weren’t in the premier episode.
Imagine my surprise when another blogger told me she’d just seen my twins on Gossip Gir.l!

It was a little upsetting not to be told. I know a lot of family and friends wanted to watch the show. But, it is available online here and the name of the episode is “Belles de Jour”. Also, they are in the next two episodes as well on Mondays at 9pm EST on the CW.

Good thing we did set the series on the DVR so we were able to watch it. It’s pretty crazy to be watching a show and see your baby!
By the way, in this episode, you are just seeing Whoop Whoop. Grunter should be on next week. Here are some stills from the show.

We wrapped filming the week before we went on vacation to North Carolina, so that’s it for this show. They have been signed with a modeling agency. It’s a lot of work and I’m not a stage mom at all, but if they get a job and it’s an easy location for me to get to, I’ll do it. So far, the job they were offered was in New Jersey, so I passed. We’ll see what happens!