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October 6, 2010


Too fast, little men

Did he really go from crawling just a month ago (and REALLY crawling only a week or so ago) to standing up??!!

This is all happening too fast.
Every twin mom I talk to says the first year is a blur. No kidding. Thank god I’m finding time to write down bits and pieces, I don’t think I’d remember a thing.

Whoop Whoop is balancing on his hands and knees now and sitting up for longer periods…won’t be long before he’s crawling, too!

Everyday we find something else to babyproof. They are always changing it up on us!
This stage is challenging but my god they are so stinking cute!! It’s a lot of fun watching them discover new things every day. I am so lucky.

We’ve been using sippy cups for more than a month now and the boys LOVE them. Total water addicts just like their mommies.

My next trick will be putting breast milk in their cups at dinner and reducing the size of their night time bottle in the hopes of weaning them from the bottle in the next couple of months. We’ll see how that goes…

We’ve got our first ever professional photo shoot scheduled for this Sunday. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I’ve been having panic attacks at night feeling like a horrible mother for not doing one when they were itty bitty. I just could never fathom a time period in the day where everyone (including the mommies) could be happy, rested, fed, clean and get somewhere and THEN take photos!! I should’ve just done it. I’ll always regret it.
I take OK photos, but trying to grab the camera with twins and get great shots….uh…very difficult.

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