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October 20, 2010


Fall Parking It

This past weekend, I had the lovely opportunity to meet a wonderful couple who I’ve *known* through blogging *almost* since I started my own blog.

The ladies from (the now defunct) blog Queerstork visited my fair city and came by to see the fam. We introduced them to what we believe is the best latte in NYC and we all played in the park with the twins.
In addition to being a great writer, Queerstork is a fabulous artist and photographer.
Can’t wait to see them the next time they come visit. Why is it all my favorite people live somewhere else?

Here are some shots she captured:

The little family–I showered that day:)

Grunter a-swinging

Whoop Whoop the drooly monkey boy

Mommy and Grunter

NYC’s best latte