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October 21, 2010


Keeping Mastitis Away…Help Needed

For two days now I have had large lumps in my left breast. Having had mastitis before I know to get serious about preventing it.

Out came the hot rice sock, the hot showers “combing” the breast, the massages followed and I’ve upped the pumping and breastfeeding.
I’ve even breastfed in the middle of the night when I’ve been woken up by the pain in my breast.
So far, I’ve kept mastitis at bay, BUT, I can’t get these lumps out.
It’s very uncomfortable even holding the baby on that side as he pushes up against my breast.

I’m pretty sure this was brought on by a milk blister on my nipple which caused a backup/clog in the duct.
The nipple was pierced with a needle a couple of days ago and it is healing now, painful, but healing.
I feel like I’m doing everything I know to do, but it’s not going away. It hasn’t gotten worse, but it hasn’t gotten better either.


How Do You Feel About Your Pets Now?

When I started TTC-ing, my 3 cats were the biggest loves of my life (besides Chicken of course).

Throughout pregnancy those cats stayed by my side, though the upkeep of the two geriatric cats was seriously starting to leave me irritated simply because all that bending over HURT.

Somewhere in the 3rd trimester, (or was it the 2nd?) I had to kick them all out of the bed because they were disturbing my sleep. After 18 years, I had to close the door. I felt bad for them, but worse when I couldn’t sleep because of them.
I fretted that the two 18 year olds would die; they couldn’t last much longer with their declining health. I wished that the ‘time’ would come while I was pregnant so I wouldn’t have to deal with their death once the twins arrived.
I also didn’t want them to spend their last days feeling neglected, because while I in no way could predict just how drastically life with a baby/babies would change things up, I knew the cats wouldn’t be priority anymore.
Trying to imagine that wasn’t possible, but friends with pets kept saying….”just wait, you’ll see.”
And so when the time came to put the 2 old cats to sleep, I was devastated but in retrospect I’m so happy it happened AFTER the twin’s arrival. I didn’t have much time to cry over it. I think if I’d had to do that while pregnant I would’ve been so depressed and since I was on *bedrest* and unemployed, I would have had way too much time to think about it and let it suck me under.

Now we’re left with just one youngish cat. He’s 6 and he’s the lowest maintainance cat I’ve ever had–exactly what we need with twin babies! I feel bad for him sometimes, because while we don’t ‘forget’ about him, we also don’t shower him with attention or play with him the way we used to. It’s just not possible.

I’d love to leave our bedroom door open, stop the squeaky hinge from squeaking and let the cat sleep with us. But I cannot STAND it because he’s on/off/on/off and he wakes me up. At this point, no one had better f*ck with my sleep and if he sneaks in and wakes me up, I am LIVID.
I never saw that coming–how I feel about my cat–but the babies and my sleep have taken massive priority.

I just had this conversation with a pregnant (with twins) lady who swore she would never feel that way. She just loved her cats too much. Yes, so did I! You can’t explain that shift to people who are pregnant. Everyone kept telling me how the cats would practically become invisible and while we still enjoy his company in the evenings, he is probably a bit lonely. He lost his two kitty friends and now he’s lost a bit of us as well.
Poor Cat!

For those of you with pets, how do you feel about your pets now? Do you find it difficult to keep up with their needs and the baby?
I have a hard time remembering to feed, water and scoop the poop of ONE cat. I can’t imagine having 3 anymore and can’t even fathom the upkeep of a dog or two.
Curious how others feel….

***I just want to add that we are in no way neglecting “Poor Cat”. I have moved from Texas to Florida to Mass to NJ to NY in the last 12 years and took 4 cats with me in a single cab pickup truck by myself (oh yeah…I was that lesbian with a truck, did you see that coming??)
I LOVED my cats and always made sure that they had the best life. Poor Cat has an awesome life, just a little less awesome now that he’s not the center of attention.
Oh, and the babies? I think their first word will be “Kitty”. They LOVE him. Him? Not so much lovin’ the babies….yet!