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October 26, 2010


Snip, ReSnip

This very controversial topic was brought up this past week by Ruby, brave soul.

Now, I’m going to go there.

We had ours done in the hospital by the OB on staff. One was perfect, one was not.
For over 8 months we’ve known a surgery was in our future.

Yesterday that day arrived.
It’s a horrible feeling to watch your baby go down the corridor of a hospital being held by a pediatric anesthesiologist. Your heart aches knowing he is going to go under and have his pen.is sliced again.
He’s fine. It was a horrible day and I spent all afternoon with a very sad, sleepy baby on my chest.
By evening he was ready for his dinner and smiling, if still very sleepy. He slept through the night and today is almost back to his old self. Children are amazingly resilient. But oh, how I wish we didn’t have to find out like this.

Now, you would think after all that, we would be firmly in the “anti” camp. But, for reasons I’m not going to go into, we still aren’t sure. What we do know, is that if we had to go there again and we DID choose to snip, we would do as Strawberry suggested and I would second: if you are going to go this route, use a mohel. We didn’t even know this was an option for us, as we are not Jewish.

I asked my pediatric urologist surgeon if he saw more of this type of surgery from the mistake of an OB or a mohel. Without a doubt, he said, an OB. OB’s are more conservative and often leave too much foreski.n, the cells become sticky and the skin grows back together. They rarely had to re-correct the work of a mohel.
We wish we’d known, we would’ve gladly bought bagels and lox for ourselves, had a small bris and been Jewish for a day.

If you feel the need to write me hate mail, go ahead. Just don’t be a pussy and do it anonymously.

Pushing Back

***Oops! You are all correct, it’s not until Nov. 7th. I assumed it was this weekend as it’s always on the same weekend as Halloween. Yippee! We are ahead of the game, I love that.***

In anticipation of the time change this weekend, we have been tweaking the twin’s schedule by 10 minutes each day.

Our goal is to have them at the hour change by the time it occurs.
So far, we’re up to 30 minutes time change for naps, eating, bath and bed.

But, they are still waking up early–not QUITE as early as the 4:45am’s they’ve done in the past month–but early. I hope this gets better, because I can’t imagine them waking up even earlier once the time change happens. God help us.

For those of you who have had to deal with this before, how bad was it? Did it totally throw your baby off schedule? How long did it take to readjust?
Any tips/suggestions?