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October 29, 2010


Urgh, Just ONE More Thing

Good thing I was able to sleep most of the day yesterday because Grunter woke up at 1:15am burning with fever and I was up with him until 4am. Right as I got to sleep….Whoop Whoop woke up. Same thing. I gave them both tylenol, nursed, slept with them on my chest…whatever it took.

But Mommy here didn’t get ANY sleep until 7am when Chicken took over.
It’s better that I let her sleep when I can because then she can be full-on, 100% there for me when I need it. We also had HN put in some extra hours today so I could get a few hours of rest.
Thankfully, the boys were only having a normal reaction to their flu shots they received yesterday (I couldn’t go to their 9 month appt) and are mostly feeling themselves this afternoon–if just a tad bit crabbier.

The knots are still in my breast, there is a slight red rash and now I’ve got myself freaked out that maybe they are lumps of a different kind. Breast cancer runs high in my family and I am now paranoid.
I put in a call to my breast surgeon to see if they can do an ultrasound for me. I’m very hesitant to submit to a mammogram with the radiation and breastfeeding. “Some” say it’s OK, “some say it’s not. The jury is out.
I also called my OB–can’t see me for weeks. A new OB can’t see me until December or January!
And left a vm for my LC to see if she’s in the city next week and can come over for a house call.
SOMETHING has to work.

I hope tonight is a better night for us all.
We’ve got a Halloween party to attend tomorrow afternoon at the GLBT Center and more festivities planned for Sunday. I hope the boys don’t freak out in their costumes like they did for the photo shoot! I need some good photos of my little monsters!!

What IS it?

For TEN days now I’ve been battling the same clogged milk ducts and milk blisters.
I am doing everything possible including taking soy lecithin.
Bravely, I have taken a needle to my nipple and pierced the skin so the trapped milk will flow freely.
Everytime it seems like I’ve gotten all the lumps out–I wake up to start it all over again.

I’ve kept mastitis away, BUT last night felt a chill coming on. Sure enough, within the hour my temperature had spiken and I was freezing. I went to bed early and burrowed down under my comforter but couldn’t get warm despite the fact it was 70 degrees.
It was exactly like the last time I got mastitis–coming on fast and furious.
But, I didn’t have the rock hard breast, the red rash and when I pumped milk came out.
Maybe I was getting the flu??

All night long I tossed and turned alternating between freezing and so-hot-I-have-to-take-off-all-my-clothes.

God bless Chicken who took over this morning after I fed the boys.
I conked out, sweated my ass off, then the fever broke, drenching my clothes and sheets. The whole morning and afternoon is a blur.

By 4pm I was ready for some fresh air, felt weak, but fine.

However, tonight, I’ve still got this red rash on my breast–usually a tell-tale sign of mastisis.

Sigh. I just don’t know. I’m so ready for this to be over.