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November 6, 2010


Technical Difficulties

This is not my weekend for technology. I haven’t made it to the Genius Bar. I can’t post from my iPhone (wrote a post yesterday but couldn’t get it posted) And now I’m on Chicken’s PC, wrote a nice blog and and then accidently erased it and couldn’t get it back.
I’m done with technology for the weekend!!!


I’m Stupid and Might Throw Up

This is not the post I thought I’d write tonight.
I was cleaning up some space on my hard drive (or so I thought) and blissfully emptying the trash.
La la la.
Project completed.

Went back to iPhoto to download pix from my phone and…nothing.
There’s not a single photo in my iPhoto. Out of thousands upon thousands.

I almost threw up. I can’t find them on my external drive either.
I can find them in Finder but have NO idea how to get them back to iPhoto. And oh god, the organizing I may have to re-do.

I am so stupid and so f*cked.
No idea how this happened.
Going to the mac store tomorrow and have a date with the genius bar.
No one would ever call me techie, that’s for sure.

P.S. Whoop Whoop was A-Ok by morning:)

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