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November 12, 2010


I’m Not Making You Read This

Let me just start off by saying that I think people who comment anonymously are complete pussies.

So when ‘anonymous’ said:
I can dig the vegan thing, the travel to the south America thing with brand new babies, the rant about: inlaws, long drives, nipple pain, republicans, etc. I cannot climb on board for the funk train. Please quick shower everyday is a good thing.

Well, you can imagine how offended I was that she/he thought thinks I’m a…. VEGAN?! You can call me a dirty, funky hippie, but a VEGAN?
Seriously? Bacon is probably one of my favorite food groups. I eat steak once a week without fail. Loved Argentina where I could eat filet mignon every stinking day because that’s what they do!
Speaking of Argentina…the babies were four months old! They were not ‘brand new babies’. I have a friend who took her 6 week old to South East Asia for 6 weeks. Now that’s a brand new baby. But four months? Golden age of traveling with babies. We polled the twin moms group and asked our pediatrician. They all said “go for it”.

Also: (a) Argentina is not the same as ‘South America’. It’s not like we were taking our babies to Bolivia, one of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. We traveled to a country very much like our own except that Argentinians LOVE babies and you are given first-class treatment as a mother. (b) Lots of people travel with babies and have a very good time. Seriously. Children are amazingly adaptable.
We travel and we’ll be traveling again and you’ll probably disagree with the plans we’ve got coming up, but that’s OK.

But really, no one is making you read this blog. You see, the thing about this blog is that it’s mine. It’s my place to say what I want to say and how I want to say it.
If I choose to rant about my in-laws here, well, it’s much better than actually blowing up in person at my in-laws. And if I write about a long drive (that I have to take because of the in-laws)…again, my blog!

Nipple pain? Such a huge part of motherhood for me that no one told me about. I wish someone else had blogged about it so I was more prepared for just how hard breast feeding would be.

Republicans. Really, I rant about Republicans? I mean, I’m not one and I don’t agree with most of their policies but I’m actually socially liberal, fiscally conservative. And, uh, yeah….my blog! If I want to rant about Republicans, I will. But I usually don’t.

But see, here’s the thing: I read so many blogs about Motherhood and while I might not agree with many of the ways people might go about something–in the end it’s their kid, their style, their life.

I don’t need an anonymous blogger to make me feel bad for not showering everyday. And I don’t think any new mother, especially in the first year and MOST especially with twins should be made to feel bad for not choosing that shower over a nap or a meal or even cleaning the kitchen (it has to be done at some point).
Parenting Magazine even agrees with me:
An article in the November issue of Parenting magazine suggests that stressed mothers need not shower daily, stating reassuringly: “The air is drier in the winter – which means you need your skin’s natural lubricants.”

Anonymous, you have obviously been reading my blog for a long time and keeping tabs on my life. But, I won’t miss you if you go.