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November 2010


Better and Better

Chicken and I agree that we have had the best weekend with our babies that we can remember–it’s been so much fun. They are amazing and hilarious and I just want to eat them up.

We both woke up well-rested and after fueling up with caffeine and breakfast, we buzzed around prepping dinner and playing with the babies. The twins took an incredibly long morning nap, prompting me to suggest we go to Central Park Zoo for the afternoon.
It was very spur of the moment, but I figured let’s do it. I am always a bit hesitant to ‘mess’ with their schedule, but at the same time I want them to be adaptable.
We threw things together and got out the door in record time at 11am.

Last month we had decided that if we were going to get out of our neighborhood, two single strollers were needed. Yes, I bought before I blogged. But, I have no regrets. These strollers are lightweight, reasonably priced ($50) and collapse with one hand. However, the photo showed a brown stroller with beige polka dots. In reality, they are pink. Hmmm….it’s very light pink. We figured it would cost so much to send them back, who cares? My boys are sitting on pink polka dots and I could care less. I hate all this business about colors only being for boys or girls.

Anyway, the single strollers have allowed us to get on any subway we need. Yes, it’s easier with an elevator and I still seek that out, but I have learned how to do the city-stroller-lift. It’s hard to go up and down multiple flights of stairs carrying a stroller with a 20 lb baby in it! Luckily, in every single station some kind stranger would offer to help us. Who says NYer’s aren’t friendly?!
On the subway!

The day was gorgeous–again–and we walked through Central Park and on to the Zoo.

So crazy to see people ice skating with fall foliage and no jackets on!

We even saw Spiderman climbing the rocks!

We fed the boys lunch outdoors in their stroller–a first–and it went very well (so much easier now that we can feed some finger foods).
I also breastfed them on a bench. This I was a little worried about because they are so easily distracted these days, but it went perfectly. They could’ve cared less about the Zoo, but we had a good time and they were perfect little angels.
I had hoped they would fall asleep in the stroller at ‘nap time’ and while Grunter did indeed take a little nap, W2 would get soooo close and then wake up again.
However, they both muscled their way through the entire day (4 hours, door to door) with no tears, no meltdowns and for W2, no nap.

They were both getting a little crazy by dinnertime and we didn’t want to push our luck, so it was a 5:30 bedtime. Whoop Whoop had bad timing and in addition to being SO overly tired he was having a hard time going to sleep. So, he decided to make tonight the first night to stand up in his crib and you know what that means? He couldn’t get down! Oh the crying!
I rescued him and nursed him to sleep. Poor baby, he deserved it.

We went through the standing up in the crib thing with Grunter last month, so at least I’m prepared for how this is going to go!

I ended the weekend by treating myself to an hour long massage at the Chinese Bodywork Center. Oh…those ladies have some magic hands.

We wish every weekend could be this wonderful! I can’t wait to take the boys to the Park and Zoo in the Springtime. It’s going to be SO much FUN!!!

So Far, The Best

Last night HN worked late and we were able to go meet some good friends for a nice dinner. Chicken had a big fat birthday gift certificate here and we ate it all up. We hadn’t seen this couple since the twins were about 2 months old–it had been a LONG time! I just love reconnecting with old friends (and seeing movie stars–we spotted Mary Louise Parker of Weeds dining al fresco in the WV. She looked distraught.)

The weather here has been unseasonably warm and we walked to dinner and back-about 40 minutes each way. It seemed a bit silly to pay for a sitter to walk around, but oh, it was so nice to enjoy the warm night air and remember how alive this city is on a Friday night.

Anytime I get dressed up (and showered!) to go out at night, one of my first thoughts when I step out is “no one knows I’m a mother of twins”. I don’t exactly know why I think that. Maybe it’s because that’s what seems to define me these days and anytime I’m out, I’m pushing a double stroller.
I guess I feel like I’m tricking people, by just looking like a normal lady out for the night. It makes me feel a little sneaky. I like it.

Today, we had a whole family of visitors come–Chicken’s dad, Gaybro, Brother, SIL and their baby (who is 2 weeks older than the twins). The house was full of love and laughter and I had a glimpse to how it must be to live in a big family–chaotic, but wonderful at the same time.
We walked in the parks, took the boys on the swings, played with toys. They all got to see what it’s like raising a baby in Manhattan and they were impressed and envious with all of the baby-friendly parks and options in our neighborhood. I think they might come down more often now. We hope so. It was one of the best family days we’ve ever had and I would love for them to make it a once a month outing (except for the Gaybro who lives in Paris, of course).

We really want our boys to spend quality time with family and get to know their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It’s days like this that make us think about buying a house in a progressive upstate town and just being close to family. This idea comes and goes. For now, we’re here and very happy. I cannot predict the future. Anything could happen!

:) LOL JK ;)

Precisely why these became popular in email messages.

Think of the difference it would’ve made:

“Hi – it’s the evil anonymous poster. Just wanted to apologize as my comment was a bad attempt at humor. Obviously, that fell very short.”

Ladies, glad to know you’ve got my back. Thanks!
Anonymous, carry on with your funny self.

I’m Not Making You Read This

Let me just start off by saying that I think people who comment anonymously are complete pussies.

So when ‘anonymous’ said:
I can dig the vegan thing, the travel to the south America thing with brand new babies, the rant about: inlaws, long drives, nipple pain, republicans, etc. I cannot climb on board for the funk train. Please quick shower everyday is a good thing.

Well, you can imagine how offended I was that she/he thought thinks I’m a…. VEGAN?! You can call me a dirty, funky hippie, but a VEGAN?
Seriously? Bacon is probably one of my favorite food groups. I eat steak once a week without fail. Loved Argentina where I could eat filet mignon every stinking day because that’s what they do!
Speaking of Argentina…the babies were four months old! They were not ‘brand new babies’. I have a friend who took her 6 week old to South East Asia for 6 weeks. Now that’s a brand new baby. But four months? Golden age of traveling with babies. We polled the twin moms group and asked our pediatrician. They all said “go for it”.

Also: (a) Argentina is not the same as ‘South America’. It’s not like we were taking our babies to Bolivia, one of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. We traveled to a country very much like our own except that Argentinians LOVE babies and you are given first-class treatment as a mother. (b) Lots of people travel with babies and have a very good time. Seriously. Children are amazingly adaptable.
We travel and we’ll be traveling again and you’ll probably disagree with the plans we’ve got coming up, but that’s OK.

But really, no one is making you read this blog. You see, the thing about this blog is that it’s mine. It’s my place to say what I want to say and how I want to say it.
If I choose to rant about my in-laws here, well, it’s much better than actually blowing up in person at my in-laws. And if I write about a long drive (that I have to take because of the in-laws)…again, my blog!

Nipple pain? Such a huge part of motherhood for me that no one told me about. I wish someone else had blogged about it so I was more prepared for just how hard breast feeding would be.

Republicans. Really, I rant about Republicans? I mean, I’m not one and I don’t agree with most of their policies but I’m actually socially liberal, fiscally conservative. And, uh, yeah….my blog! If I want to rant about Republicans, I will. But I usually don’t.

But see, here’s the thing: I read so many blogs about Motherhood and while I might not agree with many of the ways people might go about something–in the end it’s their kid, their style, their life.

I don’t need an anonymous blogger to make me feel bad for not showering everyday. And I don’t think any new mother, especially in the first year and MOST especially with twins should be made to feel bad for not choosing that shower over a nap or a meal or even cleaning the kitchen (it has to be done at some point).
Parenting Magazine even agrees with me:
An article in the November issue of Parenting magazine suggests that stressed mothers need not shower daily, stating reassuringly: “The air is drier in the winter – which means you need your skin’s natural lubricants.”

Anonymous, you have obviously been reading my blog for a long time and keeping tabs on my life. But, I won’t miss you if you go.

We Didn’t Even Know We Had a Club?

The Great Unwashed

I don’t feel so bad now after reading this! There are people out there just like Chicken and me (and some of you, but not many!).
The no deodorant part isn’t for me. I sweat and I stink and I know it. Also, daily *PTA is a must.
But the rest…some of it’s too hippy, but some of it I get.
It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my earthiness.

My children, however, get bathed nightly!

*Pits, Tits and Ass

Pure Genius

One hour and 45 minutes later. Saved. It’s all good.

A few months ago when I started running out of space while downloading photos, I (finally) bought an external hard drive and started backing things up. It had been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time and am I ever lucky I finally ‘did’ it when I did. It’s the only thing that saved me.
Back it up ladies!

They are all there and with the exception of the last 2 weeks, all organized, categorized and just as I left them. Whew. 11, 528 photos. 30 countries. Countless weddings. And let’s not forget the first 9.5 months of the twins.
Whew and whew.

I celebrated by going around the corner to the Chelsea Market. I adore this place–a true foodie’s dream. I’m actually glad I don’t live anywhere near here because if I did I’d be fat and broke. The Lobster Place lured me in with their lunchbox special and I sat down, ALONE and unhurried and savored my lunch. I don’t think I’ve done that since the boys were born.
Then I got really crazy and bought 2 pastries at Sarabeth bakery which I plan to savor tonight with a glass of ice cold milk.

The sun is shining. Grunter is babbling in his crib (he should be asleep). It’s a good day.



I’m at the Genius Bar where I’ve declared myself an idiot and begged for help. She brightened when I said I can see my photos in Finder but darkened when I said I was getting a message that my start up disk was full. Got a ‘good girl’ when I told her I last did a back up on Oct. 17.

Let’s hope they can help me.

In other news, all of our preparing the babies for Daylight Savings Time was…WORTHLESS!
They laughed in the face of our plans and went to bed earlier than ever on Saturday night.
Sunday morning was a 4:22am kind of day and this morning was 5am, with their morning nap at 7:40am. Oh Dear GOD.
Chicken had to go to the office today, so I’ve been up since then surviving on a double espresso latte.
I would love to start going to bed earlier, but I’m so scared clogged milk ducts again. What to do what to do….

In a very bad mothering moment, Whoop Whoop woke up from his nap with a poopy diaper and I waited 15 minutes until HN came to work so she’d have to change it.
In another bad mothering moment, Chicken forgot to put up the baby gate yesterday and I came out to find Grunter covered in cat food AND a mango yogurt smoothie that she’d left on the ottoman. Hee. At least the cat food is organic and holistic (and the smoothie). If he eats it, well….it won’t be the first time a baby has eaten cat food.

OK, wish me luck! I’m very anxious for the Apple Doctors to fix me. Please, please, please.