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January 6, 2011


So Long Titty Vaccuum

I spoke with my LC yesterday and we worked out a schedule for weaning.

Yes, the boys will be one in about 2 weeks and I am SO ready to stop pumping!
I’d like to keep up some of the nursing sessions, but cut out the daytime sessions so that I have a bigger chunk of my daytime free.

Right now this is what my breast feeding/pumping schedule is like:

7am BF
9am Pump (when they go down to nap)
10:30am BF (when they wake up)
11:30am Pump
12:30pm BF (when they are done with lunch)
1:30pm Pump (when they go down to nap)
3pm BF (when they wake up)
5:30pm BF (after dinner)
6:30pm Bottle of BM at bedtime (7-8 oz)
7pm Pump
9:30-10pm Pump

As you can see, that doesn’t leave me with much time in between pumping or nursing. Quick runs out of the house but always with a “tick-tock” going to rush back in time.
Of course there were days, I simply had to be somewhere (doctor’s appointments, etc) but most of the last year has been spent focused on feeding these boys.

I remember my LC saying to me a few weeks after the boys were born: “Don’t expect to have a life this year. If you are committed to breast feeding twins, you aren’t going to have much of a life.”
She was not kidding. It has been hard, hard work, but I’m so happy I stuck with it. I also had the opportunity to stay home and do it. There is no way I would still be breast feeding my babies if I’d had to return to work and pump. My pumping output just wouldn’t have been enough for them. I struggle to make the 2 bottles a day. Some days I get 14 ounces total. A lot of days I’ve had to supplement. But overall, they’ve been 90% breast fed and I’m beyond pleased with that. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.

Those of you who work and keep this up are the true superstars of breast feeding, not me!

First things first: Drop a pump every 3 days. (If your titties are sore, ice them.)

First drop 1:30pm
Second drop 11:30am
Third drop 7pm
Fourth drop 9am
Last drop 10pm

This should take me to their birthday and we will start to introduce *cow milk in **straw cups as we wean them from the day nursing sessions.
I’m hoping my milk supply will hold when I drop the pumps as I’d still really, really like to continue to nurse them in the morning and evening.
We’ll have to see.

If anyone else out there reading has any wise words about weaning, please let me know. I am both happy to stop pumping, but sad that the end of my breast feeding days might be in the future. Ideally, I’d love to keep going but my body will be the judge of that.
Just this week, I gave away my double breast feeding “EZ to Nurse” pillow and I cried a little. Things are changing.

*As an experiment the other night we put cow milk in their sippy cups at dinner. They freaking loved the stuff. Chicken and I go through a gallon of milk just between the two of us every 2 days, so I see a daily milk run in our near future.

**We have been trying to get them to use straw cups for over a month now, putting them out with water at every meal, but they loudly protest and then throw them over the side of the highchair demanding their sippy cups.
Yesterday, I tried something new. I filled the straw cups up with water and put them in their play area. Guess what happened??? Like magic. They drank out of them all day long. Babies are crazy to figure out.