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January 8, 2011


No Naps

For me, not them!

We have turned a new page in 2011. I told the boys that their New Year Resolution was to wake up after 6am. They listened!!
I don’t want to jinx it, but I am optimistic of the new trend.
Since we moved out of ‘their’ room, Chicken and I are getting MUCH better sleep. There are no more middle-of-the-night wake ups for us OR the babies. (Or rather if the babies are waking up in the middle of the night, I don’t hear them fussing and they go back to sleep).

Plus, my trouble with insomnia seems to be GONE. I am a big ‘read in bed before I go to bed’ lady and for the last year I have not had the opportunity to do that. Now that we are out of the boy’s room, I get to read again! I am reading my first real book (that has nothing to do with sleep habits or parenting or anything baby-related) since they were born. It’s fantastic. And I go to sleep with no problems. I’m loving it.

Gone are the 4 am crying jags from Grunter.
Gone are the 5 am wake ups.
Gone are the 6am get-me-up-or-else crying threats from both of them.

They have been consistently sleeping from 6:30pm-6:30am OR even (gasp!) 7am every day for over a week now.
If they wake up before 7am, we let them play in their cribs and then go get them at 7am to start the day.
It’s working very, very, very well.

We always said that if WE could get a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, it would be like a whole new life. And it is! I get up and start my day. I don’t go back to sleep. I don’t nap with them. I don’t nurse Whoop Whoop to sleep at the 9am nap. (I do miss that part.)

It’s amazing how great I feel and how productive I am now that I’m not losing my entire morning either grabbing bits of sleep or lumbering around in a hazy sort of half-awake-state.

And now that I’m dropping pumps as well? Geez. This year is gonna be AWESOME. I am feeling like ME again. It’s about time.