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January 14, 2011


Stress Attack! Please Help and Chime In!

We are trying to get out and ‘go’ with the twins more in the name of being flexible and ‘going with the flow’. Unfortunately life with our twins is not very flow-y. We are not naturally the most flow-y people and the boys…well, no one is going to describe them as laid-back! Guess it runs in the family.

  • We are booked to go to a baby shower for Chicken’s SIL (we love her to death) Saturday afternoon at 2pm. We booked a car for the day ($125).
  • Shower starts at 2pm waaaay out on Long Island. Traffic on the LIE on any given weekend is a bitch. We have no idea how long it will take to get there but let’s assume at LEAST 2+ hours. (Google maps says 2 hours, 10 minutes at a minimum.)
  • Just found out facility has no high chairs. The car we have rented will not fit our two single strollers plus our own high chairs.
  • Driving time will be in the middle of lunch–so we have to feed them in the car.
  • Baby Shower time will be smack dab in the middle of nap time, which could be disasterous if they don’t sleep on the way there.
  • Plus, snack time will be at the shower.
  • AND dinner time will be back in the car
  • We’ll have to leave by 4pm as it is to make sure we’re home in time for bedtime.
  • There’s a huge possibility of them falling asleep on the way home which will screw up bedtime.
  • We were invited to a last minute family dinner which we had to decline because…our boys need to go to sleep and there’s no where for us to put them down. There are two other babies attending who are the type to just conk out in their strollers in the corner of the room. Those would not be our babies. We are lucky if our boys conk out if we are pushing the stroller and that’s pretty rare.
  • Oh, plus the picking up the rental car, installing the car seats, etc. etc.
Sounds fun, huh?

Oh, and I forgot to mention the part where they really hate to be ‘fed’ from a spoon for much of anything these days so we have to find a lot of food we can hand them.
And, they have about a 30 minute limit in the stroller when it’s MOVING. This restaurant is not child-friendly and there will be no place to just get down, crawl around and explore. It’s either stroller or us holding them. OH. And they aren’t big into other people holding them right now.
So, if you’ve done the math, that will be around 7 hours of being contained and not exploring or crawling or cruising or just..PLAYING. I’m sure they’ll love it.

Option One: We just go for it and deal with the headaches and hope it turns out better than expected.

Option Two: We cancel the car (there’s still time!) and Chicken takes the train out (saving money) by herself and I stay home with the boys.

Option Three: We cancel the car, take the train and have HN watch the boys for the afternoon. We get to go to the shower and enjoy ourselves without subject the babies to the go-with-the-flow which they are not very fond of. And we attend the family dinner.

We seem rigid. I know. Life with twins changes your life. But we have found out what WORKS and I really hate to disrupt them. Disrupting their sleep is going to have a chain-effect. If they fall asleep in the car on the way home, then there’s a VERY good chance of it disrupting their night time sleep and them waking up super early. Argh.
On the other hand, maybe we need to learn to be more flow-y and just do it and see what happens.
Oh, and my MIL will be there.

Oy. This post has me so stressed out just thinking about it that I had to stop halfway through and go tweeze some gray hair which is strangely therapeutic for me. And after this past year, there is never a shortage of new grey hair on this head.
I never thought I would be the type of mother who decided that staying home sounded more fun. But here we are and here I am.

What Would You DO??

Edited to add: Chicken just looked at me and said, “Are you OK?” To which I replied, “No, I feel like I might vomit from the stress.” I think she’s getting a clearer picture now.