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January 30, 2011


(Almost) Walk a Baby

I was reading somewhere recently that kids who walk early are high risk takers and kids who walk later are not.

Can’t say for sure if it’s true or not, but for my little bear cub kids, I’d say that’s about right!

Grunter has been ‘practice stepping’ back and forth over the thresh hold of the playzone for a month or so and of course they have both been cruising around since they were 9-10 months old.
A couple of weeks ago, Grunter started standing on his own–just for a second or so and then plop! Whoop Whoop was only a day or two behind him.

The day before his first birthday, Whoop Whoop discovered that he can walk behind a wooden push toy and he is SO proud of himself (and oh how cute!), but Grunter isn’t really interested.
On Thursday night, Grunter took his first step! It was a shaky millisecond step, but there it was! And it’s been happening every day since.
This morning….Grunter went from a sitting/kneeling position to standing all on his own! Oh my…I do believe that walking is right around the corner for this guy. I’m predicting the next couple of days.

They are both shaky and unsure on their feet. When I practice walking with Grunter he’s like a drunken baby Frankenstein, but it’s not going to stop him. He’s ready to GO!

There’s been a lot of talk in this house lately of backyards….we are seeing the walls close in on us and wondering what the future looks like. For now…only 2 more months until Spring and our city “backyards” will be ours again. Winter is the hardest part.

Below, Whoop Whoop tries walking for the first time!