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March 5, 2011


Shut ‘Er Down?

I was notified recently of a really freaky thing. Someone on FB had stolen my weekly belly shots from my blog and posted them on their FB page as their own belly shots.

A ‘friend’ of this girl had seen them and thought…hmmm, those don’t look quite like her. So, she started poking around the internets and it brought her back to my blog–she was not a reader.
Then, out of decency and outrage towards her friend, the ‘thief’, she contacted me.
I then filed a report with FB and bam! She was shut down.
End of story, right? Maybe, I mean…it could be.

I love the internet. Love it, love it, love it.
Everyday I can learn something new and travel far. I probably think of something to google at least once a day. Me loves me some internets something fierce.

But the thought of someone stealing photos of me-or my babies-and pretending this is their life is creepy (thought I am strangely and egotistically flattered she liked my pregnant belly more than her own).
There’s always the option of going to WordPress and doing password protected blog. I know a lot of people have done so.

I’m conflicted. My stats consistently show 400-500 readers per post on this blog. Again, I’m flattered. I do nothing to advertise, hell, I don’t even have a nice, fancy template! But people find me–and apparently keep on reading once they get here. I have readers from around the world and all walks of life.
I’ve ‘met’ a great (straight) South African, god-worshipping, Jesus-loving, craft-making, mother of twins through this blog. We ‘get’ each other even though in ‘real life’, I’m sure we would’ve never met. I have a large number of military wives reading this blog (???!!!). I’ve had people ask me in the comments to please keep blogging, they look forward to it and read it in the middle of the night as they are nursing.
I know through the search words that there are a lot of people who come here looking for answers on one topic or another and I LOVE that I can help people. I try to keep my posts as helpful and detail oriented as possible, because that’s what I find useful when I’m searching for information.

I am a research queen and the blogosphere has been invaluable in my quest to TTC, raise twins, travel, etc. etc. If I were to go to a password protected blog, I would lose a majority of my readers PLUS I wouldn’t be able to help out through my blogging.

There’s always the option of removing all (identifying) photos and simply blogging. I really don’t know. I’m not a private person by any means and I enjoy sharing, but this incident was/is upsetting.

To be continued….