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March 24, 2011


The Children Have Ears

Today, while the munchkins tottered and crawled around me, I put Grandma on speaker phone and tried to have more than a 5 minute conversation. We are making the trip to Middle America in May and I want them to at least recognize the grandparents voices. Maybe?

Anyway, my mom was talking about her grandchild who is a couple of months older than the twins. Apparently her favorite word is ‘bite’ and she says it all the time. I asked if she was a biter? Well, yes, she is in fact but what she means is a ‘bite of food’ as in “Do you want a bite?”

We don’t use that term because we sign and say ‘more’ not ‘bite’. (Maybe it’s also a Midwestern thing??) The only time I use the word bite is when breastfeeding.
Then, my mom asks if the kids are biters because you know “most kids at that age are”. Um..no. We don’t have a biting problem at…..MotherF*cking OUCH…..all. (I did not swear out loud, but clenched my teeth in pain).

At this point, Whoop Whoop, having heard the word “bite” over and over and over again, wandered over and BIT MY NIPPLE THROUGH MY TANK TOP and then toddled off again.

We were, after all, saying “Bite” not “No Biting”!