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April 10, 2011


Reason # 548

My in-laws won’t be babysitting any time soon:

FIL while pouring himself a glass of Malbec: “Santiago (formerly world’s easiest baby of the BIL whom our boys were always compared to) really likes red wine. He likes beer and vodka, too, but red wine the best.”
Me: Saying nothing and trying (failing) to conceal the completely horrified look that has clouded over my face.
FIL: “We let him dip his fingers in our drink and like it off.”
MIL: “Hee Hee”
Me: Tight smile. No comment. Just don’t say anything…and thinking, ‘and that’s why we would rather you come visit us and we won’t be coming to visit you or leaving you in charge of the kids anytime soon. Perhaps….never.’

Santiago is 15 months old. Seriously? I mean, I get that they are alcoholics and they need to get their drink on and that’s just the way it is. But really? Your grandson?
I am horrified they think this is perfectly fine…and FUNNY.

On a brighter note, they are making more of an effort of coming down to visit the twins now that I’ve made it pretty clear we’re not spending hundreds of dollars to rent a car, pack everyone and everything up and go to a non-baby proofed house with 2 deadly staircases and nothing to do but be on high alert so the kids don’t die. Not happening anytime soon.
They are retired. They can drive. They can visit us. Where we can monitor the ‘funny’ cocktail hour games.

How Long Did It Take?

  1. For your period to return after giving birth (for breast feeding mamas)? Going on 15 months now…still no sign of AF. Not that I’m complaining…
  2. For your tatas to return to their previous size or rather, new shrunken deflated size, after weaning from breast feeding? I still haven’t bought any new bras and I just can’t sink money into expensive pieces of clothing that will (could?) be rendered useless soon.
  3. For your body temperature to adjust? Before I got pregnant I was always cold. Then, I was carrying around a nice heater for 8 months so I figured it was the babies. Then I gave birth and was still not cold and I figured it was the hormones. Then I continued to breast feed and figured it was still the hormones. I couldn’t even wear sweaters this past winter because I was too hot and normally I can only wear sweaters. Now, I’m weaning–BFing 3 x day–and I’m still pretty warm. Not hot. Not like that. Just, a whole lot warmer than ever before. I look around on the playground and realize I’m the only one who has removed her jacket. And folks, I’m a teeny thing. Anyone else experience this? Did it ever change or is this my new normal?? Am I going to hate summer?? I’ve never been ‘not cold’ unless I’m near the equator.